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Beverage Management Systems Can Deliver 20% ROI

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Post Beverage Management Systems Can Deliver 20% ROI   Sat Aug 13, 2011 8:54 am

The bar is one of the most vulnerable areas to shrinkage. Often linked to the POS system, Beverage Management Systems can compare poured liquor to actual sales.

Beverage monitoring (metering) can be connected to bulk beer taps, bulk wine taps, bulk spirits dispensers, ETN & EMU spirit dispensers, big wine bottles & post mix towers and guns. Every time a drink is poured this is reported to the POS system vs what was actually sold.

ROI potentially in six months or less

Liquor shrinkage figures in the US are often quoted in the region of 20% - 25%. When liquor control technologies are introduced, this level of accountability usually leads to dramatic increases in profitability. Typically ROI is in six months with bars, pubs and clubs finding benefits like these:

* Deterrents
* Pour control consistency
* Complete accountability
* Cash comparison
* Automated variance reporting
* Instant variance alerts
* Sales must be rung through
* Brand tracking

Birds eye view of liquor stock

Back office and comparison reporting alerts unify all these systems. The major benefit of metering is that stock levels are updated in real time by the volume poured from the tap, including if beer goes over the side of the glass into the drip tray. This also produces an accurate Cost of goods used. When the drink is recorded on the till the retail and gross profit figure is immediately updated. If the drink is not recorded on the till gross profit % will immediately drop. Accurate gross profit reports are available in real time. Immediate variance alerts let managers deal with incidents in the here and now.

Difference over time graphs show you exactly when beverage sales do not match what has been poured. Variance limits can be set to alert via SMS or email for immediate resolution.

Technologies in all shapes and sizes

A range of technologies are on the market with wireless pourers and intelligent dispensers the latest innovations.

Wireless Pourers

Small and powerful, wireless pourers are compact rechargeable electronic devices mounted on sprit bottles.They can be calibrated to pour pour nip - 30ml, or 1/2 nip - 15 ml from the bottle. Each time a drink is poured a signal is sent to the POS system. Real time reports show total pours, individual pour prices plus corresponding stock level reductions. Each pourer has an inbuilt long life battery. Various easy to read reports (by bar) are available in real time comparing stock dispensed with stock paid for. These reports are also graphed on a progressive hourly basis. Data is sent via a standard radio frequency making them ideal for larger clubs, hotels and bars.

ETN's (Electronic spirit dispenser)

Usually placed on wall mounted spirits they pour drinks directly into the glass when an inbuilt switch is activities. A LED display with counter keeps track of the pours. When hardwired to the POS every poured drink can be tracked back to the system.

Flow meters

Connected to the cellar lines, flow meters monitor in real time bulk beverage usage. A non-invasive method of measuring Draft Beer, Post-Mix, Bulk Wine and Spirits from dispensers. During line cleaning, they can usually be set to not record the cleaning fluid, via a security key. Again a compact design, the control box can usually fit up to 500+ measuring points in one enclosure.

Intelligent Dispensers

Intelligent software and a clever dispensing fount can dispense bulk spirits to within 98% accuracy every time. Up to eight different sprits, wine and post mix can be delivered from the same fount.

CCTV Integration

POS linked CCTV marries images of staff with actual till transactions. Overlaid onto the cctv footage, transactions can be searched to identify who, sold what to whom and when.

ROI Calculations

By using the estimated average shrinkage figure of 20%, and applying this to actual retail sales, a venue could work out the average estimated retail loss per annum. This can be compared to the cost of interfacing flow meters or pourers to the POS system and how many months are needed to recover the systems cost.

Vectron is a leading supplier of POS & Hospitality Systems. Their Beverage Management Systems offer Bars, Licensed Clubs, RSL's and Pubs, modern inventory management techniques.

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