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Better Business With Scripts!

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Post Better Business With Scripts!   Sat Aug 13, 2011 8:57 am

I used to think that only large companies would benefit from having phone or presentation scripts. I have come to appreciate the value in scripts for all sizes of companies.

Why should you consider using scripts?

* You can be prepared with answers to questions before the questions come up. You will sound smooth and professional.
* These responses help create your company culture, your feel, your style.
* Scripts give you a consistent message.
* When training a new employee a script gives them somewhere to start.

If you have any staff at all be it an intern, part time, full time, or temporary help you will want to consider what they say to your customers, after all they are representing you. Just have them sound natural in how they say it.

Part of building a top notch customer experience is the consistency of the experience they get. Training a new employee? Scripts will help.

Today is a great example of a great script I heard. The fellow absolutely did not sound as if he was using a script at all. I just know that he did because I know the company that I called very well (E-Myth Worldwide) and I know they systematize everything to perfection - because teaching others how to systematize their business is their business. Anyway, I had a very strange phone bill for over twelve hours of long distance charges when it should have been only sixty minutes! His response was, "Thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn something."

Stop for a moment and think about how you would respond if you had been him or in any similar situation. What would you be saying? I would have been fumbling for words like, "oh wow, that is bizarre", "um how did that happen?" or "I don't know." How many people would be apologizing all over the place for a mistake they did not even make. (A pet peeve of mine.)

"Thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn something, let's figure this out together" sounds so much better. Personally, I am not even mildly concerned about this over charge getting resolved, but imagine if you had a customer that was a bit upset or even angry. Having your responses prepared ahead of time can help you keep your cool and make the final outcome of a challenge turn out for the best.

What kind of scripts can you write for yourself and small staff that would make your customer service questions and issues sound polished and positive?

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