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Tips to Consider Before Restocking Your Office Supply Closet

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Post Tips to Consider Before Restocking Your Office Supply Closet   Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:04 am

Office supplies are a major expense that many businesses struggle to budget for. They are often used and not returned or are wastefully mishandled in the process. For some organizations, an office supply policy has helped maintain a cost-effective budget, but for others, even a strict policy does not work.

There are several ways to save big when ordering supplies so that office supervisors can combat the bills associated with restocking a company's supply closet.

Buying generic office supplies saves a business money. Items like paperclips and pencils are basic supplies and there's not a big difference between the brand name variety and generic ones except for the price. Many discounted stores offer savings on generic supplies. Before restocking your closet, it would be beneficial to shop around for the best deal. A savvy manager would always know where to get the highest quality items for less.

Once you've identified the right office supply retail store to purchase your items from, look at any membership option they may have. Becoming a member of a specific retail outlet often comes with added benefits and discounts that accumulate over time. The more you purchase from a single outlet, the more that your company will be able to save money on supplies for your office.

Before reordering supplies, a business should prioritize the items that they are planning to buy. Is it really necessary to buy a trendy new device just because it is readily available? Companies that take a hard look at what they plan to purchase each time save their money for more important purchases. Items can usually be reused or purchased used from secondary markets. Items such as furniture and electronic equipment come at a much lower price when bought used. In some cases, electronic equipment can be bought refurbished and directly from the original manufacturer.

Additionally, companies that buy refillable ink and toner cartridges cut office supply costs. Besides being great for our environment, refillable ink cartridges come at a much cheaper price than purchasing new ones each time. Many office supply companies will gladly accept used cartridges and refill them for you for a low price or free of charge. Learning to explore all of the options while attempting to save on office supplies is a good way to build proper budget management among your employees.

There are several ways for any business to save money on office supplies. Buying in bulk or buying discounted is a simple way to reduce spending and improve business practices.

Cathryn Poth is a business journalist for who covers a range of topics including new business trends, printer ink, printer supplies, office supplies and recycling in the office.

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