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Everyone Is Privy To Apps

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Post Everyone Is Privy To Apps   Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:05 am

Technology is constantly updating and showing us new solutions to old problems. Expense tracking, unfortunately, is an old problem that will never cease to exist. As long as there are professionals, there will be expense reports. On these reports, everything from food to lodging is recorded then paid back by the company, and even time is being kept track of and billed for. Luckily, there is a solution. Smart phone apps are rendering the old way of expense tracking obsolete; swiftly ending the days of amassing receipts and endless paperwork. However, expense tracking is a crucial part of money management. As a matter of fact, one might even say that accurate expense tracking is the most vital factor in keeping your business running smoothly.

Businessmen ranging from executives to technicians to sales people are likely to submit expenses to get reimbursed. Expense tracking apps are essential to any professional who leaves the office for work. Some frequently seen expenses include traveling fees, materials, cell phone or Internet expenses or PR fees. These types of expenses are usually reimbursed, but first have to be taken down and approved. This is why new expense tracking apps are so useful.

Depending on which app you select, expenses can be tracked in different ways. The most simple apps will let you enter in a vendor name and a dollar amount, and that's it. They are capable of tracking neither time nor mileage, only item cost and vendor name. This might be enough detail if your boss isn't worried about your expenses. However, if you work for a person who is more involved and need to record more details regarding your expenses, there are more thorough apps that let you to submit them with many details. Most of these apps charge a small monthly fee, but the time- which is money- they save more than earns your money back. Some apps allow you to upload your report to an Excel file or a PDF. A select few even have receipt reader features; snap a photo of the receipt and simply wait as the app fills out all the necessary information for you.

Do you just find yourself interested in a basic expense tracker, as you're fine with the other solutions you use (although, who would be satisfied with the bothersome expense reporting procedures set in place)? Would you like an app that does more? Or even an app that does everything? Take a peek through the app stores for your mobile device, be it iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or another, and take notice to a solution online for your expense tracking woes.

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