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Printed T-Shirts - Five Uses for Your Business

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Post Printed T-Shirts - Five Uses for Your Business   Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:12 am

Printed T-shirts can make great holiday and birthday gifts, and they are often seen as a novelty item that you can use as a present when you can't think of anything else to give. In the business world, however, there are many more uses for printed T-shirts. For large and small businesses alike, printed T-shirts can by employed as a powerful customised branding tool to help spread the word about the business and its products and services. They are an economical way to increase awareness of your brand and garner greater customer affection. Here are five uses printed T-shirts can have for your business.

Employee Uniforms

They come in especially handy if you have a retail location and you need your employees to look both sharp and easily identifiable. Printed T-shirts can tie all of your sales personnel together and give your store a professional look as well as help customers flag down an associate quickly whenever they need help.

Delivery Uniforms

If you have a delivery service, your delivery personnel are your company's face to the outside world. Printed T-shirts can help that face to be both unified and respectable. When you see the sharp Fed-Ex delivery person show up at your door, you can tell instantly, thanks to his printed uniform, who he is, which company sent him, and what he's here for. The right printed T-shirts on your delivery personnel can create similar happy associations in your customers' minds.

Public Events

When your business ventures out to participate in a public event, whether you're helping out at a charity concert or holding a prestigious weekend seminar, your printed T-shirts will help your team to stand out from the other participants as a professional unit who is proud of the company it represents. Wearing printed T-shirts with your company's logo or slogan to these types of events can do wonders for highlighting your business and drawing attention to your services and products.

Promotional Gifts

Research shows that if you occasionally give things away to your regular customers, they will become even more devoted to your business. What better gift to give than something that will turn them into walking billboards that will promote your company to even more people? Printed T-shirts can delight your faithful customers and encourage them to spread the word about you to their friends and family without even having to open their mouths. After all, everyone loves T-shirts, and everyone loves free.

Specific Product Promotion

Printed T-shirts can be the perfect advertising method when launching a new line of products or services. Everyone wants their new product to go viral, and, with the right marketing slogan and enough bright colours, printed T-shirts advertising your new product line can be your path to viral marketing. When using printed T-shirts to promote a product, it's important that they be comfortable to wear and made from quality material that people will want to wear again and again. The artwork and colours used should be both eye-catching and appealing, and the concept should be striking and memorable.

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