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An Interview With Fiscal Ingenuity Incorporated

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Post An Interview With Fiscal Ingenuity Incorporated   Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:15 am

There is a unique company located in North Alabama that most of us will never hear of or even take notice of. However, those fortunate enough to be contacted by this company could be in for the surprise of a lifetime! You ask why? Well, Fiscal Ingenuity Incorporated identifies unclaimed funds and contacts the rightful owners to help them recover those funds. This means that if you are lucky enough to be contacted by Fiscal Ingenuity, it will be like winning the lottery, only on a smaller scale. I imagine it being similar to one of those days when you put on your jeans and find a twenty dollar bill you didn't even realize you had.

When hearing of this company, I was rather skeptical so I called the owner for the following interview.

What gave you the idea to start such a company?
" Throughout the years, I have seen these funds pass in front of me and I always thought to myself: Why don't the owners collect them? Either they do not know the steps to take to collect the money, or most likely, they do not even know that it is a possibility because the entities holding it are not informing the individuals that the money exists

Can an "entity" do that? Are they allowed to just keep the money?
" Management for the entities holding the money are smart. They know the law and only perform the minimum required. The law only requires that they send one (1) letter to the last known address on file. If someone moves and does not properly file their address change, then they would not receive the letter. Some throw the letter away thinking it is junk. Sometimes the letter is even sent to a family member that has passed away. The law also says that if the money is not claimed within a specified amount of time the money will rightfully become the entities'. The law is clearly in the favor of the entity that holds the money, creating a disincentive to properly inform the rightful owners."

I see, so there is an incentive for companies to make as little effort as possible. Since Fiscal Ingenuity has access to the information regarding the rightful owners of these funds, you are able to contact the owners and help them get their money back. I still think I would be a little skeptical if you called and told me I was owed money and you could help me get it. Do you see this posing a problem?

"Absolutely, this is one of our biggest challenges. People are very skeptical and rightfully so. I would be too. Unfortunately, this is what keeps so many people from recovering their money."

As a business owner, what are you doing to ease this fear?

"We try to ease fears by being as professional as possible when dealing with clients. We do not try to pressure people. Few people know exactly what to ask us, so we try to explain everything as well as possible over the phone, but ultimately we encourage people take time and visit our FAQ page on our website to understand how it all works. If possible, we try to meet everyone in person. We want to build trust. Fiscal Ingenuity is more than willing to talk to anyone our customer would like. If there is something we can do for them, then we are more than willing to accommodate within reason."

What is the biggest claim that you are currently chasing and what does your average client receive?

"This is the most asked question I get by far, but rightfully so. Our average customer takes home about $9,000. To answer your question about the largest claim, we are currently trying to track down a very hard-to-find client that is owed $213,000.00. If we are able to find this owner, it will be our largest recovery to date."

Mr. Cook, your time is greatly appreciated and we hope that one of our readers is next on the list of people that you contact. If anyone ever hears from Fiscal Ingenuity Incorporated, you should consider yourself lucky because you just found a lot more than $20.00 in your jeans pockets.

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