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What Is a Trading Webinar?

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Post What Is a Trading Webinar?   Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:16 am

A webinar is a seminar broadcast on the internet. More often than not a webinar will take the form of a lecture or seminar, often with a Q&A session afterwards. These are perfect for online or distance learning as the seminars do not need to be held in a large conference room, instead utilising the World Wide Web as 'the conference room'. Attendees can be at home, at work or in their college or university and one also has the option of recording the webinar for later viewing.

Webinars are the ideal way to deliver cost effective training to a large audience. Because the training providers are not having to hire a large auditorium or lecture hall, nor are they having to produce hundreds of printed documents or hire a laser display board to get information across, their savings can be passed straight on to those who are virtually attending. Webinars are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the provision of stock exchange and foreign currency trading education.

Learning to excel in these global markets via a free trading webinar is best done on a global scale. Not only are there hundreds of training options available, such as a stock exchange webinar or a forex webinar, but you'll be sharing the learning experience with people from all over the world. This is excellent for getting to know fellow 'would be' traders from around the globe and sharing your perspectives with such individuals can be invaluable in becoming a successful online trader.

The stock exchange webinar and forex webinar are often run on either a weekly or a monthly basis. A larger annual stock exchange webinar is not uncommon with high profile guest speakers and a potential online audience of millions. However as a learner, you'll probably get more out of a smaller, weekly stock exchange or forex webinar where you'll benefit from a more one to one feel and actively partake in the Q&A sessions which follow most webinars.

If you're looking for a free trading webinar to get to know the basics, or to help you decide if the world of online trading is for you, then there are plenty of free trading webinars available. Some are better than others though and if you want to extend your knowledge further than the basics, investing in some paid for stock or forex webinars is highly advisable.

Paid for webinars will offer far more to the individual attendee in the way of interactive introductions to forex and stock exchange software. Forget the old days where an entire class would crowd around a single computer as a tutor demonstrated this or that. Partaking in an online webinar puts such demonstrations at your fingertips and is one of the best learning formats in today's fast paced world of the web.

Carl Liver

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