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5 Promotional Products That Are Ideal For New Customers

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Post 5 Promotional Products That Are Ideal For New Customers   Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:21 am

I was watching television the other day when a commercial interruption caught my eye. Not one to pay attention to most commercial advertisements, I watched, glued to the set as the actress promised to send me a free promotional Parker Pen just for requesting the insurance company's brochure. She then promised to send me a brass desk clock if I became as customer.

Okay, so hardly riveting stuff here but think about the potential those low cost promotional gifts had to offer the insurance company!

Their target customers would no doubt love the chance to receive a name brand good quality Parker pen. I recognised the promotional clock as being a heavy - fair quality clock manufactured in the Far East. The prize clock was actually less expensive than the Parker Pen but the customers weren't to know that.

This got me to thinking about which promotional gifts were ideal for new customers regardless of your business type or size. Well thought out promotional products that are carefully targeted at your customers' needs are always best but such highly toned targeting is not always easy or even possible.

Here I would like to introduce five of the most popular products for impressing and keeping your new customers.

Promotional Parker Jotter Pens

The Parker Jotter Pen is Parker's best selling ball pen worldwide. It also happens to be the least expensive pen Parker has on offer. That said, people love the Parker brand. The Parker brand is recognised and respected by almost everyone.

Parker products carry with them a high perceived value just because the company has such a strong reputation as a high quality pen manufacturer. These promotional pens may be low cost writing instruments but your customers will cherish and appreciate them and your brand should become stronger just by being aligned with such a quality writing instrument.

Promotional Clocks

If you haven't noticed yet, I like the promotional gifts mentioned by the insurance company. Promotional clocks are usually manufactured in China these days. Many are quite good quality. They are heavy and feel like a nice expensive gift.

Find a promotional clock you like and your brand could stay promoted for years! There aren't many people who wouldn't appreciate a nice engraved or printed clock.

Promotional Mouse Mats

Almost all of us use a mouse mat or two. These are exceptional promotional gifts for new customers. They are inexpensive and so easy to put in the post without the possibility of breakage.

When you are trying to impress new customers, try to find products that will arrive intact so that they achieve their full potential.

It's worth noting that when purchasing promotional mouse mats, look for the heavier mats. These are more expensive but much more likely to be used.

Promotional Keyrings

There are so many different promotional keyrings on offer that you are bound to find a style that matches your company look.

From leather key fobs that look more expensive than they really are to Far East manufactured heavy metal keyrings that have a very high perceived value, choose carefully and your customers could be using your special gifts for years.

That's great brand building!

Promotional Desk Tidies

I love gifts that sit on the desktop! Whether your gift ends up on your customers' desktop or next to their phone at home, giving away a desk tidy that can be used for holding everything from pens and pencils to paper clips and jotter pads is a very good idea.

These types of useful gifts help keep your logo and details in front of your clients often.

You will find a large selection of promotional gifts that are perfect for new customers at We supply worldwide.

Dan Toombs is the Managing Director and owner of CompuGift Limited, a leading online supplier of promotional merchandise.

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