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Check Out These 5 Quick Points Before Renting An Office Space

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Post Check Out These 5 Quick Points Before Renting An Office Space   Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:21 am

Choosing to either move to a new office space or perhaps commit to your very first one, is an extremely crucial move and one that ought not to be taken lightly. There can be large expenditure implications together with implications for your business enterprise when selecting an office space, and consequently I would recommend considering the five tips below, some of which may perhaps be easily overlooked.

1. Use a reliable commercial office space agent - This might seem an incredibly obvious step but it is extremely important. If you are making enquiries into a certain property and are maybe utilising the assistance of an agent that you are unfamiliar with, ask around the industry to find out if anybody you know has experience of this group of agents, and whether or not they give a good efficient service and are people you can trust. This will be an important move for you so you will want to ensure that you're given impartial, balanced guidance.

2. Don't be afraid to negotiate on price - If you locate a particular office space that fits the bill, make certain that any issues you might have with its condition or even the decoration are sorted out prior to deciding to commit. Prior to signing a lease agreement you'll be in a much better negotiating position, and will be far more likely to have any issues you may have addressed.

3. Review the lease agreement thoroughly - This might seem quite obvious but spending the time to take a look over all the fine print of a lease arrangement is vital. If you are in any doubt about any element of the lease it's vital to get a solicitor to cast an eye over it. The small investment here will likely be worth its weight in gold.

4. Could you share an office space with another business? - Sharing with another company will not suit everybody but it can be an excellent way of cutting expenditure whilst still obtaining the use of a professional office facility. Sharing can often be an excellent way of affording a better standard office.

5. Fix your financial budget and adhere to it - It is extremely simple to get carried away and to end up considering taking on an office facility that is much more expensive than you had initially considered. The best way to prevent this is to set your maximum budget and stay with it... regardless of how great a particular development is.

So there are my five significant but often neglected facts to consider when looking to rent a new place of work. There are needless to say other facts to consider but the five previously mentioned will clearly stand you in good stead.

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