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How Online Assessments Can Be Used To Increase Productivity

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Post How Online Assessments Can Be Used To Increase Productivity   Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:23 am

Online assessments given by the management of businesses are useful tools for increasing business productivity. They allow companies to assess prospective and hired employees in a number of different ways. These tests are usually administered online and can be set up to test a wide range of talents, abilities, inclinations, experience, and personality traits. The data from these assessments can then be analysed by a company and various decisions can be based on it.

Better Hiring

Assessments allow businesses to screen job applicants more thoroughly. It can thus be an important tool in better hiring. When those in charge of hiring are able to get a better sense of the abilities and personality traits of prospective employees, they can better select applicants who will potentially maintain or even increase productivity and who will not quit. Thus overall productivity benefits.

Help Match Talent to Business Requirements

Along these same lines, online assessments can help a business match an individual's talents and experience to areas in a business where the individual will be most effective. This applies whether or not the individual is already employed or is merely a job applicant.

Can Reduce Workplace Conflicts

Online assessments often employee personality tests developed by psychologists and testing professionals. These tests can reveal the potential for interpersonal conflicts and aggressive behavior. Thus, companies can often reduce the amount of on the job conflicts by considering the results of assessments and choosing more mature and well balanced people as employees.

Find Areas of Performance Needing Development

Assessments can pinpoint areas of employee performance that need work. This can then indicate things like new types of training that can make an employee more productive. Without an assessment, it might be harder to tell what the actual areas of problematic performance were.

Reduce Workplace Crime

Assessments can even reduce behaviors like workplace theft and other crime. The personality assessments can indicate prospective employees that may have susceptibility to criminal type behaviors. These individuals can then either simply not be hired or be given counseling of some sort. This obviously helps productivity: companies at which employees are stealing are clearly not as productive as ones at which they aren't.

Reduces Absenteeism

Online assessments can also indicate people that are likely to skip work or make excuses for not coming in. Absenteeism obviously affects productivity. So selecting applicants that are not likely to be absent often from work is a step toward a more productive workplace.

Accelerated Adjustment

New hires may take a shorter time to adjust to working at a business after having had an evaluation and getting trained or placed in a business area that suits their talents. This is a pro-productivity direction. It enables high productivity work to get under way faster after an employee is hired.

Can Help to Motivate Employees

Employees may in general become more motivated when they have been shown the results of an online assessment. They will feel appreciated for their strengths and challenged to improve on their weaknesses and turn them into new strengths. Motivated employees are productive employees.

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