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How to Find a Business Partner That's a Good Match for You

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Post How to Find a Business Partner That's a Good Match for You   Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:28 am

Whether you are marketing on or off the internet, you don't want to go about it alone. That means you should find someone who you can promote and can promote you to introduce you to a new audience, more traffic and a new set of subscribers. But you should be independent and able to survive without that partner, you should have similar goals and similar styles of marketing, and you should also be in the same niche.

I recommend against finding a business partner just because you can't market or you can't survive on your own. What if you find a business partner and they decide to go in a different direction than you, or to partner with someone else, or that person goes out of business. Now you are out of business as well. That is why I think you should stand on your own at first, have your own websites, your own blog posts, your own products, your own subscriber lists and then market with someone and join with someone because you want to not because you have to.

When you do connect with someone make sure this is a person with common goals similar to yours. This means that they market at the same prices as you, they have similar products as you and they just generally do business and market themselves in a similar way as you. What I mean by this is let's say you were very protective of your email subscribers and you only promoted offers that you have tried and believe in but your business partner promoted any and all offers that came his or her way.

There is nothing wrong with this, but it means that if you partner with this person you are going to conflict more often than not. That is why it's important to have someone who markets the same way as you and thinks the same as you.

And finally, this partner should be in the same niche. If you are in the jewelry niche you don't want to partner with someone is in the weight loss niche because their subscribers will not be interested in your offer and vice versa. You won't be able to promote each other, or even make products together when the time comes. That is why if you are in the list building niche, you should partner with someone who has similar skills in the list building niche. If you are in the self help niche, partner with someone in the self help niche and so on.

I hope this gives you a good idea of how to find a business partner you will work well with. Make sure you can survive without that business partner, that you have similar goals, and you are in the same niche.

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