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Asset Recovery

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Post Asset Recovery   Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:33 am

What is an asset - an asset is a useful or valuable quality, person or thing; it is also an advantage or resource. An asset is something that we value because it provides us with something that we need. It can also be termed as an investment. What are the things that we consider as an asset to us? What are the reasons why we consider these things an asset to us?

First of all, let's know what are the things that we consider as an asset; having a business, may it be a personal one or a corporate business, has its own asset. The primary asset would be its manpower, the people working in the group who share a common goal, helping the company reach its goals. The members having a role in the business are considered an asset because of what they bring and do for the company. They perform an important function in the company, which is to look for and to bring in other important assets that will also work for the same goals that they adhere to. Another asset that we can consider in a business venture is the hardware that we use. Take for example the computers that we use in the office. Another example would be if our business is related to manufacturing, the raw materials that we use and other machineries that aid us in our work. For instance, we have a venture in the world of construction; we need heavy equipments such as a bulldozer or backhoe and sometimes a forklift or crane if the load is cannot be carried by the forklift. All assets are not only limited to equipments that are used but also the materials and parts. Take for example the surplus materials such as electrical equipments. Electrical panel boards, electrical panel switches, electrical safety switches and the likes are also considered as an asset.

Let us now consider where do we get all these materials that we consider as an asset to us. Manpower is easy to find because we have the Human Resource Department which screens first and provides us with the necessary people who are able to work for us. The primary source of these equipments are those companies who manufacture and create the equipments and materials, say for example the multinational companies in the construction industry and raw materials industry. These companies produce products with top of the line features and functions. However, these equipments come with a higher tag price, a price worthy of their capabilities. On the other hand, there are other sources where we can acquire the same machine with the same capabilities at a much affordable price - the surplus store. They are the ones who help you maximize the value of your assets. They buy and sell surplus products and other equipments or machineries for your use. The surplus store buys from you any materials that has not been used or are in excess so that nothing is wasted on your side. They are the ones who can help you in maximizing your assets.

Industrial Surplus World buys and sells all types of Surplus Equipment, Refining, Processing, Electrical and Industrial Equipment.
We buy and sell New or Used surplus equipment all over the world; nothing is loaded or leaves the site without being prepaid.
Visit our website at to get more information.

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