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Reduce Your Business Electricity Prices

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Post Reduce Your Business Electricity Prices   Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:45 am

No matter what size your business, it's possible to cut your electricity costs. Whether it be by switching energy providers, signing up with an environmentally aware company or simply by changing your habits around the office, there are things that everyone in your business can do to help keep costs down. Here are some top tips to keeping those bills down to a minimum.

Beware Of "out-of-contract" Rates
If you've just moved premises then you could be paying "out-of-contract" rates. These rates are often dramatically higher than standard rates. By entering a contract, you'll cut your energy bills immediately. Make sure you know when to renew your contract so you can stay with the same company or switch to a different provider. Don't get caught out by signing up with a company who automatically renews your contract.

Paying Too Little Isn't Good News
If you notice that your energy bills are smaller than they should be, then you need to let your energy provider know as soon as is possible. Paying too little might not seem like cause for concern, but you might end up having to pay a huge backlog of bills all at once if you don't rectify the situation early. However, if you think that your supplier has been negligent in letting debts build up, then you can take your case to Energy Ombudsman.

Be Eco-Friendly
We hear it time and time again, but looking after the planet really does save you money. Take simple steps such as changing to energy efficient light bulbs around the office, turning lights off when they're not needed, and emailing rather than printing to save yourself some extra cash. Getting a smart meter is another good idea, as it allows you to monitor your energy consumption and makes everyone in the office aware of what they need to do to keep figures down.

Grants and low-cost loans for energy efficiency investments are sometimes available for smaller businesses, often from public funds.

Compare Tariffs
As with so many things, it's unlikely that the first deal you find will be the best for you and your business. It's only by looking around that you're sure to find a good rate. Don't be afraid of switching rates either, as it can often save you money in the long run.

For smaller companies, keeping business electricity prices down to a minimum is particularly important. For a staggering one in ten small businesses, energy bills take up over 10% of their total overheads. Making sure that there won't be any unexpected charges is important when your figures are a little smaller. By following these simple steps and shopping around for the best deal, you're bound to find something that suits you and your business.

About Energy Choices:

Whether you're looking to keep electricity costs down at work or looking for a combi replacement for your home, then Energy Choices has all the information you need.

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