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Graduate Jobs Created Using Skilled Immigrants

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Post Graduate Jobs Created Using Skilled Immigrants   Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:47 am

Across the USA it is apparent that more jobs could be created to boost the economy if skilled immigrants residing temporarily in the US could get green cards or working visas more readily. Many of the university's undergraduate, professional and graduate students are foreign nationals and are skilled in many disciplines which include scientists, mathematicians and engineers. It is estimated in the US that foreign nationals make up 18 per cent of the population in university, in an upstate New York County one university had 3,667 foreign nationals who attended throughout 2009-10 school year and contributed $138.7 million to the economy.

One foreign national who has a father from Belarus spoke aloud explaining that more students are required to fill vacant positions in science, technology, mathematics and engineering related programs in American universities as the American K-12 system doesn't produce enough native qualified students. He went on to explain that the US needs to do everything in its power to retain international students that opt on to these graduate recruitment programs, from leaving the country. Firstly you need to invent then revolutionise jobs followed by setting companies up and creating new graduate jobs.

It is estimated that a third of all international students that graduate at US universities leave shortly after receiving their degrees, many individuals feel that the future of successful companies in the American society has been taken away as a result. Examining the fortune 500 companies, 14 active foreign nationals are said to be the original founders who contribute a staggering $522 billion in market capitalization employing 500,000 workers.

Therefore more needs to be done to retain these international students and get them in to the available graduate jobs to move the economy forward. In May it was recorded that the company Microsoft had 4,551 unfilled job openings of which 2,629 vacant positions were in computer science. Based on the findings on average it takes the company 65 days to fill a vacant post in a core technology position in the U.S.

With many loopholes in the American justice system many companies have been allowed to bring in foreign workers at reduced rates that offer basic skills. This is displacing many American workers, as more American jobs are offshored to countries like India where the price of labour is a lot less.

Therefore more needs to be done by the American government to help secure places and green cards in the US for graduate recruitment opportunities in companies for international students.

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