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How A Facility Maintenance Company Can Help You Pass A Fire Or Safety Inspection

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Post How A Facility Maintenance Company Can Help You Pass A Fire Or Safety Inspection   Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:55 am

It's stressful to have an inspection looming on your schedule. Whether it's a fire inspection, a safety inspection, or an insurance inspection, your money and your business are riding on the outcome. To save time, money and stress, consider hiring a facility maintenance company to do a compliance evaluation before the inspector shows up.

How To Prepare For A Fire Safety Inspection

Fire safety inspections are required to ensure that the proper precautions have been taken and that a building is safe for its occupants. Having a facility maintenance company walk through your property is like a study session for a big exam: they will tell you all the answers that you need to pass the test.

At times, a building repair might be necessary to bring the premises up to code. Addressing such problems ahead of time will save time (both yours and the inspector's) as well as money. Something as simple as a misplaced fire extinguisher can result in a repeat inspection.

Once you've found a facility maintenance company, ask them if they can provide you with a checklist of items the inspector will cover. Treat the pre-inspection by the facility maintenance crew as if it were the real inspection.

What Types Of Things Will A Fire Safety Inspection Check?

A fire safety inspection checks the precautions that are in place to help prevent fires, to warn occupants of a fire, to help the occupants leave the premises, and to contain the size and damage of a fire.

One of the major (and most expensive) issues found during a fire safety inspection is evidence of outdated electrical wiring. Another common finding is when combustible materials are placed too closely to heated basement equipment. Try to remember that the pre-inspection is just that. It gives you the chance to decide how quickly to address the outstanding issues and any building repair items.

OSHA - Not A Four Letter Word

The OSHA inspection, completed for the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, ensures safe and healthy working conditions for all employees. Companies must meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the OSHA inspection, and defects can result in citations and/or fines. Avoid these altogether by hiring a facility maintenance company to quickly and effectively evaluate any potential hazard that might be present in your property.

ADA: Accessibility and Accommodation

It's not only fair but necessary to ensure that your property is accessible to those with disabilities. A facility maintenance compliance inspection will show you what needs to be done to accommodate those with special needs. For instance, having appropriate wheelchair ramps, braille on elevator buttons, and proper signage for deaf residents.

A fire or safety inspection can be stressful for a business owner, but it is necessary to ensure the safety of employees, customers or residents of a building. Hiring a facility maintenance company to complete a pre-evaluation before the inspection and addressing any building repair items can save you time and money in the long run.

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