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Bike Courier Services - All That You Need to Know

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Post Bike Courier Services - All That You Need to Know   Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:58 am

Bike courier services have become quite popular these days especially in big metro cities where business organizations and companies are looking for a quick and efficient courier system. The advantage of using bikes as a courier system lies in the fact that bikes can ease in and out of the traffic with much more ease than cars or other automobiles making the service much faster. Though bike couriers have been around for quite a while, it is only now that their services are being used so rampantly and has become a permanent fixture in all major cities.

The couriers seem to have developed their own unique sense of identity; you can easily spot these guys zooming in and out of traffic with relative ease and expertise. The biker jacket, helmet and the unique backpacks are enough to give away these guys. You can find free-lance couriers where the pick-up and delivery is done by just one or two guys; these guys mostly go by reputation and will have a small office and phone number where you can reach them when they are not out delivering the parcels. Some of them employ a receptionist at the office to take care of the calls and orders.

There are also domestic courier services which use bike couriers as a part of their varied transportation mode. These guys are indispensable especially for delivering important documents quickly at the intended destination. In spite of modern technology and software systems in the courier industry, the couriers have carved a niche for themselves and work very effectively especially in large cities. Many business organizations like large banks and financial companies have their own fleet of bike couriers which they use for delivering documents to local customers.

If you want to use a bike courier, then it is best to use this service when you want to deliver something very quickly to a nearby destination. Make sure that you give the right address and instructions so that the person finds it easy to locate the place. Also, make sure that you get a proper bill signed by the courier boy with some sort of guarantee especially if you are enlisting the services of a free-lancer.

In the age of modern courier services, the bike courier stands apart but is just as efficient when it comes to delivering your parcel safe and sound in no time at all securely.

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