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Auto Shipping Services - Transport Your Car Safely

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Post Auto Shipping Services - Transport Your Car Safely   Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:59 am

There are different types of auto shipping services so make sure that you are carrying out a relevant search depending on the kind of vehicle that you want to transport. While some companies deal with shipping of all types of automobiles, some are very specific and transport only cars or bikes. This is especially necessary if you want to transport to international destinations.

Finding a shipping company that deals with exclusively your type of vehicle is the best thing to do as these guys will be experts in this field. But if you cannot find such a firm, then go in for a general auto shipping service which transports all types of vehicles. If you want to transport a vintage or classic vehicle which is worth thousands of dollars, then make sure that the shipping company has the skill and expertise required to handle the same.

Shipping services use both open and closed trailers for transporting cars depending on the distance. For short distances, open trailers are fine and may work out cheaper than the other types. But if you want to send your vehicle to a foreign destination, then it is better to go in for a closed type so that your car is not damaged in any way. Make sure that the company is licensed and also offers insurance schemes so that you get reimbursed if your car gets damaged in any manner. Remember a company not licensed by authorities may give you a cheaper quote but will not be able to provide the same care to your vehicle like a licensed firm.

Choose shipping services which has a branch office in the area of delivery; this enables you to contact the firm easily in case of a delay or problem. Some firms deliver the vehicle only to their depot from which it will have to be collected but some others will deliver it at the given address for a slightly higher cost. Make sure that you discuss these policies and rules in detail before hiring the firm.

The cost of transporting a car also depends on the make and model. Different companies have different policies; apart from the transportation charges, you will also have to pay the customs duty and taxes that will be charged at the port of delivery. Always remember to make a written agreement stating all the clauses and conditions; also make sure that you read it well before putting your signature on it.

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