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The 4 Main Types Of Racking And Shelving

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Post The 4 Main Types Of Racking And Shelving   Sat Aug 13, 2011 10:19 am

You may be surprised to learn that the world of racking and shelving is one that is quite involved. To the layman it may appear that such items are quite basic and that any ones will be suitable for most applications. However, choosing the right racking and shelving solution is a potential minefield that can leave you wondering which the right choice is for you. Here we look at the four main racking and shelving types with the aim of clearing up the issue.

Shop shelving

As the name suggests, shop shelving is that which is designed for use in a retail setting. The aim of the shelving is to provide a display system for products that are for sale, whilst maximising floor space. It is important that the shelves are not too close together, which could prevent customers from seeing the full range of products that are available. When purchasing shop shelving you should always take into consideration what colour and material will best fit in with the decor of the property.

Heavy duty shelving

For retail outlets that stock larger and heavier items it is often necessary to have shelving that provides great strength. A good example of such a shop could be a garden centre where items such as ceramic plant pots or paving slabs are regularly displayed. In such instances maximising space isn't usually the primary concern; it is much more important to consider safety and provide enough space for customers and staff to easily move items.


The application of racking is most commonly found in warehouses and factories. Shelving can also be utilised in these settings; however racking is usually more appropriate. Racking is usually constructed in such a way that it allows stored items to be easily transferred to and removed from it. As such most racking systems will be built with forklift trucks in mind and be wide enough to allow them to easily negotiate in and out of the storage slots. Due to the warehouse setting and the pressures that racking may be subjected to, it is important to ensure you go for an option that is well manufactured and built to last.

Safety racking

Our final racking and shelving type is that of safety racking. Whilst this area is in no way as big a market as our previous three; it does play an essential part in many of our lives. One example of safety racking is that of cycle racks that are often found at schools and in city centres. Obviously in such settings it is important that the rack safely stores the bikes and prevents anyone tripping. In addition it is essential that the rack is capable of withstanding the pressure of several bikes being stored without toppling over.

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