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Ways to Encourage Your Employees to Achieve Their Targets and Fulfill Their Potential

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Post Ways to Encourage Your Employees to Achieve Their Targets and Fulfill Their Potential   Sat Aug 13, 2011 10:21 am

How do we get our employees to achieve thier potential? How do we make sure we are getting the best out of them? We can punish poor performance, and come crashing down on those who are struggling to replicate prior achievements. How does this keep the "team" functioning, and working towards a particular target or goal, without always having to be tough and pushy.

There are a number of things we can try here, to achieve a continual success from our staff. By awarding small prizes, or awards, after small amounts of time, maybe at the end of each month, we can make sure good performance is rewarded within a timescale that each employee can easily see as being close enough to inspire them. By making each monthly award presentation special, ie by making the prizes good quality corporate awards, a decent amount of money or exciting trip/meal out, you will also encourage those who have not performed so well, to want to be the ones picking up the prizes. I would suggest that you give different prizes and awards out throughout the year. Maybe a nice crystal trophy one month, and a meal for two the next. Perhaps you could copmbine awards for those who have really worked hard on a tough target and give money and a quality corporate award. By changing things around month by month your staff will be constantly inspired to want the different rewards available.

What really gives employees a sense of pride in their achievements, are well run, big awards presentations, where the company says thank you to those who have consistantly reached targets, and achieved company goals and objectives. Here nice corporate awards should be presented, or holidays, impressive cash incentives, or maybe a combination. Trophies and nice giftware will last longer than money, usually, and do a great job reminding an employee of previous achievements, and shows what they are capable of. By throwing an impressive presentation, you are showing your employees you really value their achievements, in a way that goes much further than mere words, or small gift vouchers. You can make the night, or day as big as is viable to the business. A company that just has ten or so employees is not going to throw a ceremony as impressive as a company that employs three hundred.

If we minimise the importance of rewarding good performance, with good quality prize material, we risk having large swathes of the work force just going through the motions. Staff would be doing the minimum to earn their pay cheque, instead of being inspired to go above and beyond the call of duty because they want to be the sales person of the year, or best customer service representative. As bosses, we want to be big awardsable to offer more than just promotion, because what do you do if there isn't a promotion to offer?

If you wish to contact the author you can do so here Corporate Awards. Please use this bio when copying or using this article.

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