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Finding The Most Suitable Vending Machine Locations

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Post Finding The Most Suitable Vending Machine Locations   Sat Aug 13, 2011 10:22 am

There is no literature on finding convenient places for vending machines. They are often just placed where they are needed. Many things are considered when looking for vending machine locations.

Security is Key. One has to look for a location with adequate security so as to avoid vandalism or theft. An unattended device will most likely be vandalized. They are shops without shop keepers so security is very important. Remember ATM's are also vending appliances and they for one require a lot of security.

Finding the right location is the only way to attract one's clients. One must understand the customer's needs and be able to provide them. Know what the customers is looking for. The customer's taste and preferences. Understand the behavior and habits of the customer.

Foot traffic is a major factor to be considered when picking a location. Ensure there is a lot of foot traffic. Consider places like hotel lobbies, train stations and airport lobbies.

The usefulness of these types of machines should be a priority when picking a location. Think of whether the commodity is of use. The location would at many times establish the type of machine. An office would require a coffee machine rather than a gumball machine. A school canteen would want a sandwich vending machine and an arcade will require a candy dispenser. Pick the commodity according to the place and vice-versa.

Imagine if there is a machine at the lounge of the local airport. The proprietor will be guaranteed maximum returns. This is a place that has maximum foot traffic and since it is a waiting area people are bound to explore their surroundings. It will be convenient for a traveler to get reading material or food from newspaper and snack machines. Hotel lounges and train terminal are also places that have waiting areas. Think of all the possibilities.

Waiting areas can also be a great location for vending device. People often like to eat while they wait. This helps them have the perception that they are not wasting time idle. They believe they have substituted the wasted time with an active deed. People like to eat when they are bored. Snack items would be a good idea. Airport and hotel lounges, hospitals and railway stations should come to mind as suitable locations.

Needs often change therefore be in contact with the customers and find out what are there needs. One has to work together with the customer to achieve the perfect location.

Peter Milazzo has been involved with sales and marketing for over 25 years. He was the top sales person for a major U.S. corporation for many years and is now a successful entrepreneur.He built up one of the largest vending business in Southern California.

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