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Prepare for Olympics to Protect Business Performance

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Post Prepare for Olympics to Protect Business Performance   Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:45 am

British companies must ensure they are fully prepared for the Olympic Games in London in order to preserve productivity levels.

With just one year to go until the 2012 Games commence in East London, businesses must immediately start looking at how the international sporting event will affect their operations and employees.

Many employers are concerned that some of their workers may take unauthorised absences in order to watch some of the sporting events or even because they are suffering from the after-effects of partying.

It is essential to start communicating with employees about the expectations on them in relation to work attendance and performance during one of the busiest times in Britain's and especially London's recent history.

Employers are advised to establish a leave policy for the Olympics as workers, especially those in London, will want to get involved as much as possible even though they may have work commitments.

Business must also adopt a flexible approach towards the event and recognise that it is a once in a life time opportunity for many of their employees to take part in an international occasion.

Increased business flexibility can include allowing employees to start work or their lunch break at different times to help them watch their favourite events during the working day.

Organisations that operate in the east of London may want to allow their staff to work from home over the period of the Games as it will be extremely difficult to commute to-and-from areas in that part of the city.

Businesses may want to invest in technology that will enable remote working for employees in time for the Games to ensure that performance and productivity levels are not adversely affected.

It is also the responsibility of employees to inform their bosses within an agreed timeframe when they want to take time off during the event as this will enable them to manage with absences effectively.

Businesses should try not to dread the event and take advantage of the spirit of the Games as a way of engaging staff and boosting morale as this will improve performance even when the competition has closed.

Any organisation that is concerned about how the Games will affect their operations and staff should employ the services of performance improvement consulting professionals as they will be able to advise them on effective policies.

Performance improvement consulting experts can demonstrate how an organisation can boost productivity levels at the same time as enhancing employee morale.

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