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Demystifying Google Ad Extensions

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Post Demystifying Google Ad Extensions   Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:47 am

Business is now at its all time peak, and different businesses have taken to advertising their merchandise and services via the net due to the fact that 70% of clientele have access to the internet and practically do everything from there.

Online marketing and advertisement has become one of the main revenue generating activities for any business. Google has become the most popular search engine for businesses, making work easier by defining and creating platforms for research, marketing, advertising and selling anything from products to services.

You can use Google Ad Extensions to increase the chances of your add being clicked on by adding more information that will help sell your product much faster, like business premise location or contact...Etc. Research has come to reveal that the Ad extensions have boosted sales of the products by 70%.

So just to clarify these Google Ad extensions here are a few examples:

Site link Ads which can be applied to search based ads that help refresh or update old promotions or web pages. Site link extensions add more links to the ad that you have put up so it gives the searcher more pages to click on your site. Site link extensions can be changed every day and by doing so your product looks new.

Product Extensions give more details about the product like image, description and price of your product in a plus box under the Ad. So when the client clicks on the product all information that would create interest and also create a sale can be seen under the ad.

You can also add Location Extension on your Ad. This will cause the buyer to know how fast or how the most convenient way of getting the product. Also by providing location of the point of sale would make the buyer want to visit your store for curiosity purposes if it happens to be on a high end street.

For effectiveness and to create rapport with the clients you cannot go past the telephone. This is the best method as you can add call extension to your ad. Now when a client clicks on your ad from a mobile browser they will be prompted to call you direct. This allows the client to inquire more about the product and also gives you the opportunity to sell your product more.

Google Ad extensions are simple to add into your Google AdWords account, so add a Google Ad Extension and see the difference it makes to your business.

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