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Business Intelligence - What Is It?

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Post Business Intelligence - What Is It?   Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:54 am

Most new business owners have no idea what business intelligence is, even though they already work with it on a regular basis. Business intelligence is usually shortened as BI, and it is all of the data that your company generates at a given time. Your sales reports, costs, inventory levels, and much more are all part of your business intelligence. Understanding what BI is may not be enough though. You need to know how to look over it so you can make decisions for your business in the end. The tips below may help you do that.

There are a few different ways that you can manage and interpret your business intelligence data. Since it all comes in as numbers and nothing more, you need a way to transform those numbers into information. Decisions are sparked by information, not data. You can either choose to turn your BI over to an IT department so you can have other people deciphering the information for you, or you can get business intelligence software to analyze the information instead. In that case, you would work with a business intelligence company to see what is going on with your company on your own.

You can use BI tools to simply improve the way that your IT department organizes information. In this case, the program would at least allow your IT personnel to only focus on the main aspects of BI management. They would not have to do some of the more tedious tasks that are best left up to software programs. When you give your IT workers a chance to focus, they are inevitably going to be more productive. That will improve your business as a whole, and you can still see the information they see in the end.

Different companies have different forms of business intelligence. The BI for government agencies is going to be different than the BI for banking, and that is going to be different from the BI for insurance. Every company has different data that needs to be analyzed and interpreted. You will just have to see what sort of information you need to review for your sector of the job market. You can setup BI dashboards through your software program that will give you a chance to see different pieces of information when and how you need to.

Business intelligence is not exactly an easy concept to understand at first, but that does not mean that you cannot manage it even as a new business owner. There are programs on the web that take out the technical jargon that may otherwise flood the BI world, giving you a chance to jump right into the information on hand. Over time you will learn to use such a program to its full advantage, and then you will be able to teach others about business intelligence and what it may mean to them. Try to be as involved as you possibly can with your BI today.

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