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The Job Of An Autoresponder Message

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Post The Job Of An Autoresponder Message   Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:57 am

An autoresponder message helps companies gently build relationships. A great business autoresponder does not have the hype of a sales letter. It also does not interrupt your prospects day, in the way that a cold call or even a warm call does.

The prospect has shown marginal interest in your product or service and now it's time to guide them along to the end result. By setting up a series of autoresponder messages, you can slowly funnel your prospects down into a clickable link.

Having built up like, trust and rapport...the prospect is far more likely to want to see the offer. You can also add a small free report at the start of your autoresponder sequence that shows your expertise. Customers who make the first purchase and are happy with the service, are more apt to buy again, if kept in the funnel. It's been proven time and time again, that happy customers will buy a low price item or service and can be re-sold on higher ticket items if you handle the messages correctly.

The best method of communication is to keep the language conversational and avoid doing anything that will throw off the tossing in a word that may require some thought. Think of an autoresponder as being a great song. It flows and does not have any off notes. When you read a great autoresponder, you will see how smoothly it all flows together. Try reading it to a co-worker and see how pleasing it sounds.

The use of story is helpful in bringing your message home. People love to be entertained, even though they realize that a sale may occur down the road. Use the method of tying one autoresponder message to the next. It follows a logical pattern and like a novel, people want to see what is coming next. By telling an engaging story and showing how you are going to fix a problem, it's a good bet they will funnel down and click the link.

You can back up your autoresponders with some data, however it's best not to overload the message. For good effect, you need to have a series of autoresponders loaded and ready to send. The logical number of autoresponders are multiples of five. You can get your message out in five emails, however I suggest that a series of ten will do a much better job. You can tell your story and build rapport along the way to making awesome sales.

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