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Attracting The Wrong Clients? Try This!

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Post Attracting The Wrong Clients? Try This!   Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:02 pm

Has this ever happened to you?

You meet someone maybe at an event, in line in Staples and talked with them a bit. And you instantly knew that they were not your ideal client but you "pursue" them anyway?

What a great example of when you just didn't listen to or trust your instincts. And I bet when you reflected back on those times as you read that scenario, you answered with "yup, should have known better."

Believe it or not, you did. Yet you didn't do what you were being invited to do.

Perhaps, you may have met someone at an event, during a consultation or casually and began to share what it is you do. They may have gotten a little excited about the "possibilities" you painted for them and started asking more questions.

But as the conversation continued, you got a sense that this person was either not ready for what you offered or would need to be "pursued" vs. being guided by you to achieve the result they wanted. In your mind, it looks and feels like it's going to be a struggle. But hey, you're up for the challenge, right? I hope you're hearing the alarms going off!

If you're entertaining the thought of working with a client who will "work" you vs. "working" with you, you can bet your gut, intuition or that know in your stomach is screaming at you. Ignore it at your peril!

Full disclosure. OK, so I have ignored the very advice I'm giving you and here is what happened. (By the way, I'm so glad I did - once.)

Back when I stared career coaching, a potential client was referred to me. She was very excited about what I could help her achieve. And after discussing my offer and rates, she asked for a discount. My gut said, something doesn't feel right here, but I wanted the client. So I told her let me look at the program again and see what I could do. I decided, not happily, to offer her a discount. She then decided that she wasn't going to invest, even with the discount SHE requested. I decided right there and then, NEVER again would I "discount" my offers or myself. AND that I would pay attention to my gut!

As it turns out, that example has proved to be incredibly inspirational for me. It's an example I give to my clients about the "D" word and how they will not discount the value of their service or who they are and should therefore NOT discount their prices. If you want a way to make it "budget friendly" for an ideal client, offer an incentive or payment plan as a better approach.

If you're wondering how or why you've ended up with not so ideal clients, look at 1) who you're being; and 2) what you're offering.

If you're being the service professional who will accept anyone who is interested; who wants to negotiate your fees; and who has to work with you on a small budget, then they many not be "ideal." By the way, are you willing to give them less because they're paying you less or costing you more?

If your programs, products or services are not delivering high content, high value and clear results then your less than ideal clients may see an opening to negotiate your prices! Can you hear "discount?" Ugh! Your offers and your prices will reflect the types of clients you attract.

As entrepreneurs, you have to trust your instincts.

There have been clients I've walked away from following the completion of a program because I knew that they wouldn't be ideal clients for the next program. A couple of clients went on to other coaches who then complained about working with them. And so I thank my gut, because it made room for more of my ideal clients to find me happy and ready to be of service to them vs. resentful and unhappy to see them.

Learn to trust your instincts more than fear your lack of clients and income and trust me, the "best" thing will happen for both you and your business.

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