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Unusual Cardboard Boxes: The Continual Development Of The Packaging Leader

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Post Unusual Cardboard Boxes: The Continual Development Of The Packaging Leader   Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:04 pm

Mention the term 'cardboard boxes' and we all tend to think of a plain brown and boring box. Indeed it is true that they are used in this basic form in their millions worldwide on a daily basis, as they can be used to package such a wide variety of items; from lightweight goods to heavy weight parcels.

They are relatively cheap to buy if bought in bulk, and come in a variety of sizes. They are light in weight and very durable, with super tough double paneled versions being available for use to ship heavy items. Indeed some of the stronger versions are stapled together for extra strength, and can easily be capable of shipping a parcel across a continent or two.

Yet there are many other forms of cardboard boxes out there besides the humble brown cardboard box.

They are now used widely in the food industry. In supermarkets they are used for anything from storing pizzas, to sandwich boxes, to packaging for ready made meals. Indeed a gradual switch is being made to cardboard in the food industry, as unlike plastic, it is biodegradable.

These days, cardboard boxes are now often used to supply fast food takeaways such as pizza or fish and chips. This is because cardboard is a great insulator and means it keeps food hot for longer. Along with that, with cardboard being biodegradable, it's good for the environment too, not taking up huge amounts of landfill space like plastic or foam packaging might. They also have an advantage in being able to be stored flat until they are needed for use, enabling them to take up far less space than pre-made foam boxes.

Additionally, they are now used to ship drinks such as fruit juice and milk, as the cardboard can now be made waterproof. Again this has now meant they are replacing a lot of plastic and glass drinks containers for environmental and biodegradable reasons. The same principle applies to cardboard cups used by most coffee outlets; all of these are in essence a variation on the simple cardboard box.

Custom made cardboard boxes are now widely used by internet retailers for shipping books, usually in the form of a cardboard cover. The same applies to DVDs and games which are more frequently shipped in cardboard covers rather than full boxes.

The uses of cardboard boxes will no doubt continue to expand in their innovative uses over the coming years.

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