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Radically Change Your Community

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Post Radically Change Your Community   Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:14 pm

If you will but treat your business like a business and run it like a business you will be able to make life better for others.

When you work with an employee mindset you are thinking paycheck to paycheck even if you are getting real estate commission checks. It is not the commission check that makes you an entrepreneur it is the attitude you bring to the table. It is your relationship with money and with people.

Small business drives the economy in America. Entrepreneurs can and I believe we will change the world. We are the ones who will get the country moving again. During the great depression more self made millionaires were made than at any other time in history until the days came. That is an amazing fact. Think on that one for a while.

Whenever there is a recession or a downturn in the economy innovation takes place. You can be a mover and shaker helping to change the lives of others and make a difference or you can sit back, take care of your own, complain and watch reality TV shows.

Or you can radically change your community. How? All you have to do is create two jobs with your business. If all you did was create two jobs for two people in your community and the next entrepreneur does the same and so on, will make a ripple effect of change that you will not be able to comprehend.

It is like throwing a pebble in the pond- watch the ripple effect.

When you really and truly want to succeed you delegate to others. Those two jobs that you create help two people feed their families. You are creating change in the world.

Business owners typically care more about their employees and independent contractors than they do about themselves. They will take home less for themselves in order to make sure those they gave jobs to have a paycheck. Most of the time the first thing on our minds is striving to keep those we employ, employed. I heard Mr Wynn from Las Vegas speak about his employees. The concern for their welfare was so evident. The rich provide jobs for others who then can feed their families.

Accept the challenge today to make it a goal this year to create two jobs in your community. With this, you can radically change your community.

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