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How A Coffee Machine Can Improve Your Business

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Post How A Coffee Machine Can Improve Your Business   Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:15 pm

Office morale is unfortunately something that gets missed or forgotten about in many businesses. Employees that feel as if they are appreciated will be more efficient and perform better as well. There are a number of things to help with this. One of the easiest methods would be through the purchase or rental of coffee equipment.

In addition to making the employees feel more appreciated, there is actually proven research that shows that people are more alert and productive due to the drinking of coffee. If the people at work need a jolt to get motivated, coffee may be the answer.

Before getting this equipment, there should be a few considerations that are kept in mind. The first would be the makeup of the employees and the size of the workforce. A small office setting would benefit from a single pot coffee machine while a larger company might need a more robust machine with more options. No matter what size business, there is sure to be a solution that is perfect.

Next, it should be decided if the machine will be complementary to employees or if there will be a fee. Offering free coffee is a nice perk, but may not always be cost effective for the business.

The individuals themselves need to be considered. Not everyone drinks coffee, so a machine that will only produce this beverage might not be the right choice. In these circumstances, there are machines that will provide coffee, espresso, hot chocolate, tea and more. By having a wide variety of options, the most amount of people can be satisfied.

If there is an employee lounge or break room, a coffee machine that also offers snacks and other items is always well received. These can be changed and tailored based on the preferences of the employees. Before installing any such machine, taking a poll of the staff members would be able to give an idea as to what snacks and drinks are preferred. There is no point in putting in a machine that is full of chocolate candy when none of the employees would eat such a snack.

An important decision that will need to be made by the management would be whether the coffee machine is purchased or leased. There are a number of companies that supply such machines and other catering equipment. When going this route, one does not need to worry about service and maintenance to the machine as this is often provided. This method allows for the business to consistently offer coffee and other beverages to their employees with no hassle or aggravation.

Keeping employees happy will help to ensure higher levels of productivity. One simple way to achieve this would be through the addition of a coffee machine at work.

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