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Why Vehicle Tracking Can Save You Money

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Post Why Vehicle Tracking Can Save You Money   Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:29 pm

For many business owners, there is a constant focus on trimming the company budget while maximising profits in every area that the company does business. Most larger business dedicate a large amount of their resources to owning and operating a company fleet of cars, spending thousands of dollars a year on things like insurance, liability, fuel costs, and other fees.

But these expenses can actually be effectively trimmed by using GPS-based vehicle tracking. Using global positioning satellites, it's relatively easy to see where your vehicles have gone, when they went there, and if they should have been in that part of town at all.

Using vehicle tracking has a number of cost-saving benefits for businesses with their own fleet of company cars. It helps reign in expenses and ensure that driving privileges are not being abused on company time.

Taking the Most Direct Route

It's no secret that human nature loves a break from a hard day at work. For companies that operate fleet vehicles, it's easy for employees to take the car out for official business and take the long route -- both to and from the place where they're doing business.

Vehicle tracking puts a stop to this costly behaviour by letting you see the path taken by each of your fleet vehicles. It lets you see exactly what streets were taken and, in some instances, how long the trip was. This makes it easy to identify employees and vehicles which went out of their way -- taking the long way through town, or a country road that gives them more time out of the office.

This saves money for a number of reasons: first of all, you can identify employees who are being less productive than others. Their poor behaviour can be stopped and they'll be encouraged to do their work as quickly as possible when on the road and in the office. Secondly, it prevents your company from buying expensive petrol for cars which have been essentially taken for a joyride on business hours.

Easing Auto Insurance and Business Liability

Part of owning a fleet of company cars is paying for insurance and employee liability coverage on every car and associated driver. These costs are determined by a number of factors: the age of the car, its make and model, its condition, and how many miles it gets driven every year.

This is where vehicle tracking can save your company huge sums of money: by eliminating the long joyrides taken by employees who want extra time out of the office, you are essentially cutting down on how far a vehicle is driven over the course of a year. This extra attention to detail may actually bump your insurance premiums down to a lower mileage rate, saving your business up to thirty per cent on its overall premium cost.

Vehicle Tracking Saves Money

No matter what your intentions are -- whether it's ensuring employee productivity and honesty or lowering the mileage rates on your company's fleet of vehicles -- vehicle tracking is an excellent way of saving money. It reduces fuel costs, liability coverage amounts, and increases employee productivity. That's a winning combination for any business of any size.
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