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Buying Boxes in Bulk?

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Post Buying Boxes in Bulk?   Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:38 pm

Cardboard boxes can be bought at any time through a bulk retailer or by mail through any office supply catalogue. To do this, simply visit a store and purchase a cardboard box at your convenience, but be sure to examine the cardboard box for integrity, quality, and ensure that it will be able to store all your precious or valuable goods.

Integrity of cardboard boxes Although many consider cardboard menial, it can mean the success of your enterprise. For example, a box with a leaky bottom will clearly not serve its purpose in, perhaps, two or three years of use. One must always test a box for integrity and check that it will be able to sit in a warehouse for years and years if need be.

Quality of a box The strength of the lid and the sides are all vital parts when choosing a box for the company's use, or for other industrial purposes. Check on the box at regular intervals so that goods are not damaged during transport and that when they arrive at the customer if the business is mail-order goods they are in good condition and usable. If not, the customer will be quite furious and will want a replacement of the product at the expense of the company and this will always require a new box.

The usage of a box Remember to prepare the box before packing any goods that may be costly into it; using duct tape and industrial staples, one can strengthen the walls of the box and the base, often the most critical part. If this is not done properly, the bottom can give out and all the valuables may spill onto the floor. This alone will not protect the box. Using the right delivery service will ensure that the box will arrive in the condition it was meant to come in.

A tracking number and a close relationship with customers can be helpful to maintaining a vigilant eye on the quality of boxes sent and received at the company's warehouse. A quality specialist will not be necessary, but a good provider of cardboard boxes should always be on hand in the company's phone book.

In short, custom cardboard boxes are a vital aspect to good business practices, especially when delivery is a key issue. When in doubt, always use duct tape and industrial staples to secure the weaker boxes, and to begin with, do not buy flimsy, soggy or used boxes that do not seem strong enough to hold weight when objects are placed within them.
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