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Easy But Effective Ways To Boost Your Business Longevity

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Post Easy But Effective Ways To Boost Your Business Longevity   Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:58 pm

The Ritz hotel, Rolls Royce, Gucci, Tiffany. These names instantly give us a vision of quality and longevity.

Your product or service may not be as well known, so what do you do? You can use the principle of longevity like they do - and get an edge like they did. Here's how...

... By constantly asking yourself the following question.

"What can I make last longer in my product or service?"

Soon you'll start to see ideas you overlooked before.

So, help your customers. They're looking for longevity in your product or service, whether it's in a benefit, feature or a good feeling that lasts.

You can promote a sense of longevity by striving to be the best in your industry at something, even if it's small.

It can be something small, simple, or routine. Whatever it is make it your goal to be the best at it.

For example, you may serve donuts like 10 other places in your town, so strive to make the best coffee. Or you may sell hot dogs like 20 other venders, but you sell the best root beer or you offer free refills, get the picture.

Being the best at something, even if it's a little thing, can give you a niche that will separate you from the crowd.

If you're in a highly competitive industry, it often comes down to the little things that separate you from the rest of the pack.

If you haven't already done it, take a few minutes now and brainstorm some ideas. Choose what little thing(s) you'll be best at in your market or industry.

Try to brainstorm 10 ideas, out of those 10 you should be able to get at least 1 thing you can strive to be the best at in your market. Get a blank piece of paper and do it now.

If you took action on the above section let me applaud you now. Because taking little actions like you did will help you create powerful niches that will propel you ahead of your competitors.

If you didn't do the above exercise, beware: You may be missing many opportunities by not getting into the habit of taking little actions.

Another way to emphasize a sense of longevity to your customer is by promoting superior quality.

If the buttons on your sport coat is sewn on with tough space age fishing line, say so. If your cosmetics line last longer than your competitors because of better ingredients, state them. If you have quicker customer service, tell them why.

All the above examples work to give a sense of longevity, and thus more value to your customer.

We're all looking for the best quality we can buy for the money, no matter what income level we are. Am I right?

For example, more and more people are looking for superior quality, even if the product cost a few cents more. Strive to give that to your customers daily.

Will it last? Can You Prove it? Those two questions always come to mind in most consumers mind as they make a buying decision. It's your duty to answer those questions as clear and quickly as possible.

I call those "longevity questions" that's on every consumers mind, as they decide whether to buy or not buy a product or service. The trick is to ask these "longevity questions" about your product or service - before your customers do.

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