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Corporate Giveaways - Promotional Hi-Vis Hats Show That Your Company Cares About Safety

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Post Corporate Giveaways - Promotional Hi-Vis Hats Show That Your Company Cares About Safety   Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:02 pm

There is a great saying that says "If you aim for the stars you may fall on the roof" which basically means if aim highest, you will at least get part of the way there, unlike if you don't aim at all. This is true in business with company's vision, if their goals are outstanding, then that is part of the journey.

One consistently-successful tactic for well-run businesses is to hold promotions that involve the corporate giveaways of promotional merchandise to loyal or potential new customers. One way to show your good vision would be to create a brand name marketing campaign centred on promotional hi-vis hats, the ultimate promotional gift choice for a business with vision.

There is a great misconception in the world, that only construction workers and other people who work in a dangerous environment need to wear high vis clothing. A great idea which many companies are incorporating is to actually include high-vis clothing into not only their corporate clothing, but their promotional merchandise marketing strategies. Many companies support local community groups such as cycle groups. A great way to help is to provide the group with branded promotional high vis clothing such as hats.

High-vis hats seem to be less popular not only as a promotional item, but as a regular clothing item also. it makes you think, is your head not as important as your torso? People have for years been wearing promotional high-vis vests but hats just haven't been as popular.

If you are operating a store that caters to runners, bicyclists, joggers and other people who practice outdoor sports and exercise, you have to have the vision to see beyond that horizon to stay ahead of your rival sellers. At the same time, if your customers are going to be practicing their activities in the evening, it is important that they can be seen by motorists coming over the horizon. This is why promotional hi-vis hats are such a sensible choice for a promotional product giveaway for your business, because they are highly visible, as the name applies, in the dark and allow your customers to be seen when they are outside late practicing or working out. Hats are available in baseball cap style, and the Hi Vis Acrylic Knitted Hat will keep anyone warm during the coldest months.

Safety is nothing to fool around with, and your customers will realise you are thinking of their best interests when they receive one of your promotional hi-vis hats. Even if they don't work out after dark, they will no doubt know someone who does, so you can be sure these imprinted hi-vis hats will be out there being used, keeping people safe while providing advertising for your company.

When others see your logo on these customised safety hats, they will identify you as a company that puts the safety of its clientele first. This is exactly the kind of publicity a company with vision should be seeking. With this sort of image in the public, you will be associated with safety, therefore a safe company to deal with.

Francis Murphy is the Managing Director of BTC Group which was established in 1977 and currently runs more than 25 Promotional Merchandise Programmes for clients that include AA, BBC, HMV, Tesco and Nomura Bank. They print and supply more over 1 million promotional pens every year from their amazing production facility near Heathrow Airport.
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