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Discover The Secrets On "How To Be A Mentalist"

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Post Discover The Secrets On "How To Be A Mentalist"   Sat Aug 20, 2011 1:30 pm

Ever look at these guys and just wonder to yourself, "How on earth did he do that". Or ever wish you could read someones mind. Well the truth of the matter is that you can. Mentalism is a skill that people can learn and not some strange magic power that someone is born with. A mentalist has the ability to read situations, and use them to his advantage.

To do this a mentalist uses several techniques:

- Conversations

- Physical Movements

- Certain Expressions

- Body Language

- Persuasive Expressions

- Misdirection

- Concealment

There are certain methods and practises used by mentalists today, to ensure that their tricks are not spotted by audiences. It takes practice to master this method but the resulting effect is well worth the work. As you can amaze both family and friends with your new mentalist powers.

Being able to persuade people to think in a certain way (the way in which you want them too), and to have them come to the conclusion that they got there by themselves. Knowing the correct way in which to ask certain things or knowing the correct way to phrase a question can have a major influence on the way its answered. And true mentalists know these methods and tricks and use them in their everyday routines and lives.

You will find that with many mentalists today they use a lot of "conversational banter" to misdirect their audience and keep their pray distracted. Which makes it a lot easier for them preform and get their desired results.

A lot of mentalists you will find started off by mastering the basic mentalism card tricks, as they are a great way to start off very quickly and hone the necessary basic mentalist skills required to really convenience people of your supernatural mentalist powers. And there are plenty of free resources available on the web today that can show and teach you these methods.

Two of the biggest tools you'll have to master if you want to become a through mentalist and amaze your family and friends are; mis-direction and concealment. You will find audiences been mis-directed without their knowledge, which in turn allows you the mentalist to conceal your trick or illusion.

I've included the link to a completely free site below which has really helped me in my dream of becoming a true mentalist. And not to forget "having a lot of fun along the way". So in conclusion, mentalism is a skill that can easily be learnt so whether its just for fun at home with friends and family or something more, go ahead and learn "how to be a mentalist".

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