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A story for all of you.

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Post A story for all of you.   Wed Sep 08, 2010 5:03 pm

A story for all of you.

There was once a man of great prestige
and physical stature in a community. One day a man who lacked prestige
and physical stature - he looked poor and ugly with an unappealing
visage - came to the first man asking him to lend him utensils so he
could prepare food for his mother because she was coming the visi after
a long time of not seeing him. The great man turned his sight away from
the poor man and frowned - his eyebrows becoming harsh like the desert
without oasis and his eyes like the burning, merciless Sun at its
zenith - thinking to himself, this person only wants to steal my
untensils and thus fool me. The poor man looked at him and seeing on
his face that he wouldn't lend him the utensils said to him, it is fine
- and he said this without any resentement in his voice. The poor man
left him.

Later during the day, the great man burst into tears
in the company of the great. His companions also of equal prestige
asked him, why do you cry, have you lost family or something. They had
never seen him cry and didn't know what to make of the situation - Him
crying?! The man said to them, I am ugly, poor and of low prestige. His
companions started laughing - verily, you know how to make us all
laugh, you had us fooled with the tears. He shook his head in the
negative and insisted that it was true. The others looked at each
other, their eyes spoke to each other saying, surely he has lost it.
The man explained that in the eyes of God he was ugly, poor and of low
prestige and yet He gave him untensils when he asked. Then all of the
company wept
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