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8 Fun Things to Do This Weekend

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Post 8 Fun Things to Do This Weekend   Sat Aug 20, 2011 1:32 pm

1. Have a Harry Potter Marathon and then go watch the last one in the theater. What's more fun than a movie marathon and then a night out on the town? A movie marathon and night out on the town AND Harry Potter. Get caught up on all of the HP movies and then brave the crazy fans with lightning bolts drawn and their foreheads to see the final movie in the theater.

2. Plan a barbeque in the park. Enjoy the summer weather with your friends and plan a get together in the park. Bring your bocce ball set, hot dogs and hamburgers, a juicy watermelon and chocolate chip cookies and you'll have the perfect afternoon!

3. Go garage sale hopping. With nice weather in full swing, people are holding garage sales left and right. Get up early (early bird gets the worm!) and find some treasures! Check your local newspaper for garage sale listings, although keep your eye out for others as not everyone posts their garage sale in the paper.

4. Speaking of garage sales, have one! It's the perfect excuse to go through your closets, attic, garage and cupboards to clean out and get rid of things you don't use anymore. If you don't have enough for a full-blown sale, have your neighbors join in on the fun and hold a joint garage sale! You'll clean out your house and maybe make a little money too!

5. Buy a new outfit. Nothing says a great weekend like a new outfit. If you're in need of something new and don't want to bust your budget hit up your local Goodwill, thrift shops and consignment stores for some great finds for cheap!

6. Go antique shopping. Whether or not you are looking for something in particular, browsing your local antique shops is a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Who knows, you may find something you just can't live without!

7. Buy a lotto ticket. The quickest way to make a buck is to spend one on a lottery ticket and cross your fingers for a win! Play lottery this weekend and, if you win, it will definitely be one you will never forget!

8. Explore a new town near where you live. You know that tiny town you always pass through, but have no idea what might be there? Go there! Explore. Shopping, eating and walking around the streets of a new place can be fun!

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