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5 Easy Steps to Make Your Own Candles

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Post 5 Easy Steps to Make Your Own Candles   Sat Aug 20, 2011 1:33 pm

If you are looking for a way to make fun, usable gifts for a holiday or other occasion, you may want to consider candle making. Making your own candles is a simple process, will save you money, and most importantly candles make a thoughtful gift.

Step 1: Gather your Materials

The obvious first step is to gather your materials. Most can be found, made or purchased at your local arts and crafts store. To make your own candle you will need the following materials:

• Soy wax

• Cotton wicks or wick tabs

• Natural fragrance oils

• Candle dye or food safe colouring

• Reusable containers

• A stove or hot plate

• A pot

• A thermometer

• A ruler

• A pencil

• Masking tape

Step 2: Material Preparation

• Firstly, you must center the wick. To do this, prepare the containers by measuring the bottom of each with a ruler, and place a dot precisely in the middle of the bottom of the container. This will be your measurement for centering the wick.

• Next, take a piece of masking tape and make a small slit in it, then place the wick through the slit. Use the tape to stick the wick to the center bottom of the candle.

• Pull the wick up, wrap it around a pencil and lay the pencil across the top of the container. This will hold the wick in the center of the candle without compromising the evenness of it, similar to other methods.

• Measure out the wax, scent and colourant

Step 3: Melt the Soy Wax

• Place the wax in the pot and allow it to heat up to 160 degrees (F). Watch it carefully as wax has a low flash point and may catch fire if you are not careful.

Step 4: Add Decorations

• Once the wax has reached exactly 160 degrees, you may then add your fragrance oils and/or

colourant. In general, one ounce of fragrance oil per pound of wax is sufficient, however the strength

varies a lot. For colouring, add the dye until you are satisfied with the colour, however, make sure you

stir the melted wax well.

• Once you are satisfied with the look, allow your candles to cool to 140 degrees F.

Step 5: Pour and Let it Cool

• Pour your melted soy wax into the container. Make sure you pour slowly to avoid bubbles, and do not

splash. Also, keep the wick centered in order to obtain a perfect candle.

• Let the wax sit for approximately 24 hours until it has cooled and set.

• If you are unable to pull the wax away from the wick, or see holes forming around it, simply place the

candle on a candle warmer and let it re-melt. High quality soy wax is recommended, as it will reduce

the likelihood of this problem occurring.

By following these five easy steps, you will have the perfect candle made out of all natural material. You can offer it as a gift, keep it for yourself, or make loads of them to share with friends. Remember to be safe and have fun!

Melissa Jones, among other things is an avid candle maker and has created a website dedicated to helping people create their own exquisite, hand-crafted candles.

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