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Ways of Getting Auditions for Kids on Disney Channel

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Post Ways of Getting Auditions for Kids on Disney Channel   Sat Aug 20, 2011 1:34 pm

Disney is renowned for its numerous films and television shows of production at any given time duration. This has in turn offered many opportunities for kids to get tested to have a production in the medium. Auditions for kids on Disney channel which involve theatrical productions as well as TV shows are very competitive. It needs for an individual together with the kid to be prepared, be patient and up for hard work which will make it possible to get a trial in this medium. Having said this, here are the ways you can use in getting your kids auditions for Disney channel.

• Things Needed: First and foremost, there are things that are required in order to facilitate the process of getting these trials easier. These include; a talent agent, acting & voice lessons and lastly headshot & resume.

• Casting Calls: Secondly, check out if there are open casting calls. There are several websites that have dedicated themselves to open casting calls. This is simply a schedule of trails open to the general public. You can get a trial for your kid by checking the up coming casting calls where a name and address of the casting director is provided for easy reach.

• Headshots: Get the required headshots. Most casting directors will require you to produce a photo that has specified measurements backed with a resume at the back. On the resume, you can simply include the general performance of your kid in terms of skills especially if he or she has had no past acting experience.

• Submissions: Once you have all the above on hand, simply make the submissions to the casting director that is listed on the open casting call. Make sure the documents are not submitted to any other person other than the casting director on the listing. This will ensure that the resume and headshots of your kids reach their respectful place and not in the trash.

• Getting a Talent Agent: A talent agent is very important as he or she can simply get your kid a trail even though it is closed. This simply means that he is supposed to take the initiative of finding your kids another acting work which will in turn help your kid gain experience. With this, your kid will have better chances of landing a good role with Disney channel.

• Helping your Kid to Practice: Take time to help your kid in her performing skills. Professional voice as well as acting instructions you give your kid will help her to be full prepared for trials.

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