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How to Prepare For Acting Auditions For Disney Channel?

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Post How to Prepare For Acting Auditions For Disney Channel?   Sat Aug 20, 2011 1:36 pm

Disney channel holds quite a number of auditions for people of all ages, and you can attend some of them so that you start on your acting career. For starters, you need to find as much information about these acting auditions for Disney channel as possible so that you start preparations well advance. The information will be provided in a number of websites including the Disney Channel official website.

Send headshot and Resume

Most of these auditions will require that you include the headshot and resume. The headshot should be professional and must be in color. Avoid using glamour shots or school photos or the photos taken by non-professional photographers because they will jeopardize your chances of landing the part you are auditioning for. You must also make sure that the photo represents the real you, updating it as you change your style and look. When it comes to the resume, provide the essential details, including your personal details such as name, birth date and your physical attributes. Besides that, include your objectives, experience, training and special talents.

Create the best First Impression

During the auditions, you need to create the best first impression. For starters, arrive at the venue in time and have your resume and headshot in hand to avoid wasting time. Try creating your own space so that you can focus on the auditions. Carry out relaxation exercises so that you relieve the tension and anxiety around you.

The next important thing about the free auditions for Disney channel is confidence. It is important to be confident because the casting directors will have an opinion of you the moment you step into the room and introduce yourself. Smiling is a great way of relaxing not only yourself but also the audience. Do not look away: eye contact is an indication of your confidence. Try to find a comfortable position to stand, and avoid crossing your hands or fidgeting as this shows you are uncomfortable.

Don'ts when auditioning

There are some don'ts that you must remember when auditioning. Do not rush, as this will seem like you are talking at the casting directors. Do not take too much of the judges time- no one wants to be behind schedule because of one person. Avoid making excuses before you start your monologue and do not make up questions just because the judges asked if you have any. The most important of all, do not call or personally visit the casting directors at Disney because this shows a high level of unprofessionalism and you will be totally inconsiderate of their time.

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