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How to Be a Good Performer

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Post How to Be a Good Performer   Sat Aug 20, 2011 1:39 pm

A singer, dancer, actor becomes a good performer by executing a combination of tasks correctly. In order to perform well, they have to capture the audience's attention as well as their hearts. They do this by engaging the audience, connecting with the music, and overcoming stage fright and being skilled at their craft.

Overcoming stage fright is a big step in becoming a great performer. You can do this by knowing your music thoroughly. This helps you to remember all of your lyrics even when you're nervous. You can also breath slowly just before singing to slow down your heartbeat, which will relax you and release tension so that you can focus on your singing. Lastly, focus on giving the message. See yourself, the performer, as a messenger, a conduit of the music. You must embody he music to get the message across to your audience. The next step to being a good performer is to connect with the music.

A good performer will always connect with their music in some way. Consider it acting in some ways. Study the writer's perspective and allow yourself to become that character when singing. To do that, you should study how the 'voice 'of the song thinks, feels, and acts. Empathize and embody that message when you sing. Allow that to affect your enunciation, stance, and vocal delivery. Lastly, a good performer knows how to engage their audience.

To be a good performer you should look comfortable on stage. This means no fidgeting, fixing of clothes, hair, or staring at walls or checking microphones. Make eye contact with you audience. Draw them into you by smiling or telling them what to do. Something as simple as 'clap your hands like this..' can engage your audience. Look excited to be there. If you're constantly looking to the band or to the sides of the stage and not your audience, they will begin to feel uncomfortable. Do not wait for your audience to be excited about you for you to get excited about them. You as the performer are responsible for the atmosphere.

In conclusion, being a good performer takes passion.. To be a good performer you must overcome fear and performance anxiety, connect with your music and engage your audience. Remember, the energy you give you may or may not receive from your audience. But it's your job to always do your best.

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