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Post Life   Wed Sep 08, 2010 5:14 pm

i strive for my family each day and each night,
i stare down at my baby boy as i hold him ever so tight,
i go out for the whole day in hope to find zomething to eat,
my body is beginning to wear out as i walk with swollen feet,
as i breath,sigh and cry wondering that no one shares this pain like mine
i think this is my lonely life here, here in Palestine.

i wake up first thing in the morning and i prepare the family breakfast,
we had not eaten a good meal for 3 days ago and so were weak from hunger and thirst,
my child cries out to me and gives out her hands,
''Don't you think i know'' i say ''I'm your mother,i understand''.
where can i get help for my child,where is it i can go,
this is my life here,here in Kosovo

My parents have gone so far away,
my home is now the streets,it is here where at night i lay,
i sob all night and in the day for food i roam,
my life has no meaning, i am left with no ambitions and goals,
there is no light at the end of my tunnel,it's nothind but pitch dark,
this is my life here,here in Iraq.

my brothers,sisters,parents are all long gone,
i don't feel the need of doing anything or the need to carry on,
i see people passing away before my very eyes,
all i can hear are peoples shouts,screams and cries,
iv'e got no one with me, no one to care,
this is my life here,here in Niger.

i am terminally ill,and i know i am dying,
sleep is something i don't get when i'm bed as i senslessly begin crying,
i've witnessed many things like the death of my aunt,
and now the happiness for people around is only left from me to want,
i am helpless,hopeless, but do what i can,
this is my life here,here in Sudan

i am ignorant,i am busy with worldly affairs,
my heart has become hardened, i give people no care,
i am selfish, i am arrogant,i don't help those in need,
i reply to their helpless call with ''i too have mouths to feed''.
even i see this situations on the news of a crying mother,dying husband
i carry on with my duties doing nothing,here in England.

(sorry for any grammatical errors,in a bit of a dash)

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