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The Beauty Of Art In The Contemporary World

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Post The Beauty Of Art In The Contemporary World   Sat Aug 20, 2011 1:47 pm

When you speak of art, people will automatically envision their favorite form. Some people like paintings of wildlife, while other people like to see landscapes that have been drawn with a charcoal pencil. There are still others that will see the investment opportunities in collecting the works of a particular artist. It does not matter if you think of paintings, sculptures, drawings, or photographic works, the bottom line is that art makes the world a prettier place to live.

Many people refer to paintings as being works of contemporary art. The true definition of this word would make this form of artistic work something that was done in the present point in time however; if you speak to many museums about their collections of contemporary works, they will inform you that any artistic production after World War II is considered to be contemporary.

You can find exhibits to view the many different forms of work that fall into this category. Exhibits are when private collectors, publicly funded organizations, galleries, and commercial collectors, put the works on display for you to view.

Some exhibits have works for sale by the artist they are showcasing, while others merely have their collections displayed for the viewing enjoyment of the public. For an artist to support themselves, they must be able to sell some of their work, and they apply for grants, and they enter to win awards, and prizes in different contests.

Artists are usually referred to as starving artists because of this, and because they generally give less concern to their appearance, and to what other people think, and more thought goes into their work.

A person that has the gift to take what they see, and to commit their vision to canvas, paper, or any other form, is truly a special soul. These people are often quite misunderstood, and under-appreciated by others. People see them as being lazy, irresponsible, and just plain odd, but the minute one of them makes a success by gaining the attention of a collector, people start to talk about how talented, gifted, and special the artist is. If we could just learn to let the budding artist have time to develop without judging them, we would be doing the artistic community a favor.

It is always fun to walk down the sidewalk and stop to see the street artist doing their business. Some people stop and sit for portraits, while others just enjoy seeing the artist create their magic before their eyes. It is magic the way these individuals can look at someone, and use a pencil, a paintbrush, or chalk, and they can scratch lines onto paper that accurately reflect the persons image.

Watching this process is a fascinating way to pass the time, and most of the people who do this are very quick. You will have to pay close attention, or you will miss part of the process. If you have ever looked at an old barn, a sunset, or a living animal, and wished that you had the ability to draw what you can see, then you have the ability to admire a work of art.

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