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Three Kinds of Gorilla Fancy Dress Costumes

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Post Three Kinds of Gorilla Fancy Dress Costumes   Sat Aug 20, 2011 1:57 pm

If you want a dramatic and fun costume, you can't get much more fun than a good gorilla fancy dress costume. When you become the grunting, banana-wielding gorilla of the party you will soon find yourself having more fun than everyone else. Be careful you don't forget the laws of civilised society altogether as you get into your new role!

Now a gorilla costume is one of the most fun, but it's also a tricky one to put together on your own. Where a hippie or James Bond costume is relatively simple and straight forward to make from things around your home, becoming a gorilla requires a whole different set of materials.

Enough black fur to cover your entire body is not the sort of things you usually have in your wardrobe. And a good gorilla fancy dress mask requires a great deal of skill to make! So while it's most likely you'll be buying or renting your gorilla costume, here is a list of the best gorilla costumes, even if you make it yourself:

1. Full Gorilla Bodysuit
The most extreme and fun gorilla costume is the full bodysuit - preferably with a zip up back. These costumes allow you to really become the gorilla for a while. You want a great gorilla mask with lots of expressiveness and preferably a fierce scowl on your face.

A banana is really the only prop you need to have plenty of merriment pretending to argue and fight over it. You just need to get great at the gorilla walk and grunting, and you'll have yourself the ultimate costume.

2. Funny Gorilla Costume
This is a whole other slant on the gorilla fancy dress idea - many would say that gorillas are funny enough without any added merriment or gimmicks. But if you add in a big pink ballet dancers dress and bra, you can make things really funny. Any sort of girly props like umbrellas, handbags, etc. Work a charm with a gorilla costume.

3. King Kong Fancy Dress
You can have some great fun with costumes that pretend King Kong is in the room. One of the best types of these is the King Kong hand pulling me out of the window costume for women. It simply is that - a giant hand to wrap around yourself, with the huge fingers looking like King Kong himself has grabbed you. Then just stand by windows and scream in distress, just like a damsel in the King Kong movies, and the illusion will be complete.

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