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Five Geisha Fancy Dress Tips on Style

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Post Five Geisha Fancy Dress Tips on Style   Sat Aug 20, 2011 1:58 pm

The mysterious and beautiful geisha are the legendary Japanese queens of entertainment and pleasure at the very highest level of culture and art. A geisha fancy dress costume is something very different, stylish and fun to dress up as - you will certainly stand out in class at any fancy dress party you go to.

Trained from young the geisha were masters of all aspects of entertainment in traditional Japanese society - including singing and playing instruments, the art of conversation and many other forms of entertainment. Their form of dressing and make up were also very distinctive and carefully prepared. Here are some tips on what the perfect geisha costume should include:

1. Traditional Geisha Kimono
A colourful and elegant Japanese Kimono-style dress is a must for any geisha fancy dress costume. The colours can vary from delicate aqua blues to strong reds and purples, to subtle lights greys and silvers. They often have patterns on them that blend well and depict various Japanese images of dragons or other mythical beasts, or peaceful images of wild land scenes.

The sexier styles of geisha costume can have short kimonos that show off the legs, or the traditional ones which stretch right down to the ground.

2. The Kimono Belt
This is a very important part of the dress up - a large, broad cloth belt that ties with a bow at the back. The belt should be part of and match the trimming of the kimono.

3. Hair Decorations
A great Geisha costume has chop sticks or flowers to delicately hold your hair up, preferably inter-wined with colorful ribbons.

4. Geisha Make Up
If you are going for the full image you need to go the whole way and wear the makeup as they used to! It's a lot more fun that way. This is white skin, with full red lips and dark but delicate mascara.

5. The Fan
Of course to play the part and complete the image you need a pretty Japanese fan, which you can open and giggle girlishly behind. A fan is great for keeping cool in hot parties too.

Those are the five essential elements of a good geisha fancy dress costume. Although the variety in your costume can be huge. With any combination of colors and styles, of types of kimono dresses, and styles of belt and hair clips.

With a little care you can make your own geisha costume, it can be a lot of fun and very satisfying to do! Just find the right material and follow a good guide online. If you don't have the time, you can always buy one or rent one - any good costume store will have a great selection, and there are hundreds more online.
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