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Fun and Exciting Rave Gear: Beyond Glow Sticks and Flashing T-Shirts

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Post Fun and Exciting Rave Gear: Beyond Glow Sticks and Flashing T-Shirts   Sat Aug 20, 2011 2:01 pm

Rave gear is necessary to liven up any rave or party-no proper party would be complete without the necessary clothes, toys, and brightly coloured, flashing accessories. It's a know fact that when you go along to an event - when you are dressed to impress and have the latest gear to take along with you, your night out becomes that little bit more special.

If you are looking for slightly more unusual rave gear, there are many options for you to choose from and many shops-online and in person-where this rave gear can be easily purchased. Rave gear comes in a range of prices, and you will likely find something to fit your needs. If you want to go beyond glow sticks and clothes, consider making Poi swings part of your overall rave gear purchase. Poi has historically been used by the Maori people in order to increase strength and flexibility; the art was also a form of entertainment for women in New Zealand, and anyone who has watches a Maori dancer perform will know that it takes flexibility and great skill to pull it off. Today, Poi swinging competitions are held worldwide, and Poi has found a new and exciting home in nightclubs and raves, as part of an overall visual effect and a way to have fun and move your body.

Glow sticks, flashing dinnerware, and exciting clothes are all standard rave gear, but why not shake things up a bit by including a poi swing at your next rave? Today's Poi swings tend to be made from nylon. They can come with glow stick attachments, which add colourful orbits and are fun to watch as people swing around the club. Don't want to sit still but quite not ready to try the Poi swing yet? Consider, as part of your rave gear purchase, LED jump ropes.

These fun ropes include internal multi-coloured LED lights that are typically rainbow-coloured and create exciting, flashing trails of light as you skip and jump around the room. The overall effect of the flashing lights darting around a dark room are visually pleasing and the ropes are a great option for individuals who want to get up and move around. When next selecting party gear, go beyond flashing accessories and clothing and think about including a bubble machine or glow-in-the-dark Frisbee as part of the night. This will provide hours of entertainment and will ensure that everyone present finds a way to entertain themselves (and others!) and generally enjoy the experience. Happy rave gear searching!

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