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Go Pro With Professional Costume Design

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Post Go Pro With Professional Costume Design   Sat Aug 20, 2011 2:03 pm

Ever wondered what makes your favorite movies and television programs really come to life? There are many facets involved in the collaborative art form of film and television, and without any one of them, you would not have a believable finished product. Skilled actors and an experienced director are among the more obvious roles that must be played in a production, however many people do not give credit where credit is due to the artists that create the images behind the scenes. We're talking about scenic artists, and most specifically professional costume designers. In pieces set in modern -day and especially in period pieces, it is the costume designer's attention to detail that really brings the story to life. In many ways, a costume designer's job combines both the knowledge of history and fashion design. Read on for a few professional tips from fashion school grads on how to be the best costume designer in the business.

1. Be informed. Costume designers must have an extensive knowledge of the history of wardrobe and costumes. If you have this knowledge, you will surely be given a leg up in the industry. To prepare, check out books on style through the decades, and learn about the different time periods of style. You can also enroll in a fashion college to take courses on the history of costumes, art history and so on. Another great way to get informed is by watching a bunch of movies and television shows set in different time periods to learn from example. The more social and historical cultural references you have access to, the more they will all inform your own work.

2. Pay attention to detail. Once on the job, you must be organized, and a total stickler for detail. Especially in film and television work, your costumes must be so thorough, that the camera should be able to zoom up close to any part of your actor's costume and have it look believable. This will take intense focus, including a close study of fabrics, a meticulous job at stitching and construction, and the right nuances down to the undergarments!

3. Go to school for it. If you feel like you need to brush up on your technical skills, a costume design program at a fashion college might be a good option for you. In a costume design degree program, you will be able to perfect your craftsmanship. You can take classes on drawing, painting and sketching, as well as workshops on fabric, sewing and pattern-making. Additionally, you will learn various computer softwares that will help you digitally create designs and present them on a digital interface.

Eventually, once you have focused for a long time on all of your skills, you will want to jump headfirst into the industry and start working as much as possible. An internship from school or an assistant-ship is a great way to start. Soon, you can graduate onto freelance work for independent projects. Before you know it, you will have built a whole career for yourself while loving every minute of your funky, creative, design-oriented profession.

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