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How Do You Go About Creating an Online Community

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Post How Do You Go About Creating an Online Community   Wed Aug 31, 2011 7:54 pm

How Do You Go About Creating an Online Community

In today's world, it's easy to see the mass appeal of the Internet. Although it's always been around, the internet today is a place where people of all ages can gather and network. Luckily for some businesspeople of the world, most of these computer users also do a little bit of shopping when they need something.

Bringing these worlds together - social networking and supply/demand - is a surefire way to create a successful business. However, it won't just happen at the snap of your fingers. You have to work and create an environment where a community can not only form, but also thrive.

The idea here is to create a comfortable place where people enjoy coming. If you operate a business that sells multiple products from the same site, then an online community is probably a great idea for you. Having people gather and interact on your site, participating with it, will not only get you more traffic but also earn you some much needed reputation points. Your site will become a place that people want to visit instead of simply a place they go to for goods and services.

You can accomplish this by creating what is called a social networking website. Basically, this will be a web-based community site that allows members to interact with your site instead of just viewing it. They're becoming a part of the process.

For instance, a user can create their own profile, add their photos and videos, and discuss topics with one another on forums and through private messaging. The atmosphere is engaging, and that's what it's all about.

Why would you really want to create a community website? Well, with so much competition out there, people are just going to leave your site to go elsewhere unless you're offering them what they want. And with the mass success of sites like MySpace and Facebook, it's evident that people really want to network. They want to reach out and touch someone.

Even if all you add are a few games, like blackjack or an RPG, more people will hang around your site because it's fun to do so. You will have more membership and ultimately more business. These types of sites are great if you're making money through ad space.

There are two basic ways you can go about creating this online community. The first is more expensive but far less time consuming: outsourcing. Due to the state of the economy today, many web designers are offering their services at discount rates online.

They can easily build a social networking site in as little as a week with all the basic features you're looking for. It's a sound investment that's sure to pay off if you offer up something original and fun.

The other way to go is the do-it-yourself route. By using certain programs, you can build your site in only a few hours. Of course, this will be the basic layout. You will add to it or take away as you go. It's about trial and error. It's an interactive world out there and your business can be a part of it.

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