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A Brief Timeline Of Internet Marketing With SEO

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Post A Brief Timeline Of Internet Marketing With SEO   Wed Aug 31, 2011 7:57 pm

A Brief Timeline Of Internet Marketing With SEO

It does not matter if you are new to Internet Marketing or have been doing it for a number of years, search engine optimization is one of the key things that you have to do right in order to succeed. The Internet is a large commercial library where customers come to find information and that information is a valuable commodity to people who know how to market it correctly. Knowing how to get your sales people, in this case the search engines like Google, to put your information at the top of its sales list is the only way to get customers to see what you are trying to get them to look at or buy.

Search Engines just like anything else are always evolving, getting better, making mistakes and for the most part changing the way they do things as knowledge and technology grows. The one main difference between search engines and most other things is that search engines do not like to divulge their exact methods on how they do things, which makes it difficult to understand what to do when they go about evolving and changing. This is because each search engine is trying to be at the forefront of the new Internet world and to have their methods shared or known, would cost them billions of dollars.

In the beginning, search engines only cared if you had relevant words on your site and the more the better. So the Internet Marketer that had "number one diet solution" on their site 50 times would out rank the site with it only 20 times but would be outranked by the site that had it repeated over and over again till it was 200 times on the page. This was a very easy time for many Internet marketers because SEO was quite simple and with a few interesting html tricks, one could hide the keywords all over the web page. The term for this was "keyword density", and surprisingly it is still used in todays SEO but in a much more advanced method than just having the most number of the same word on your page.

Then came the idea of back linking as a method to help determine search engine rank. The idea is that the more links you have from other sites the more you site must be valuable and should rank higher than sites with less links pointing at them. Makes pretty simple sense when you combine it with the keyword density idea. If my site mentions "weight loss" the same number of times as your site but my site has 500 links from other sites while yours only has 50. Well it must mean people like mine more and such it should be ranked higher. Again this was a simple time for Internet marketers using SEO since you just had to now add a ton of links to your site to outrank other sites, it did not even matter if the links were from fake sites with no useful content on them.

Then came the all might Google and it's crazy ideas that the web page itself had to have useful information on the subject that it was trying to rank for so Internet users would find it useful or helpful. This crazy idea made it so that an Internet marketer not only had to know about the product that they were trying to sell but they also had to write decent quality articles and information about that subject. ACK! Since we know that most Internet Marketers either hate writing or are not the best at it.

This is not all, over time Google has continued to evolve and change. Now an Internet marketer has to not only have good useful information on their site, it has to be "unique content". Meaning you can not have it published other places on the Internet or the usefulness of that content is considered diluted and not as helpful. ACK again, no more reusing other peoples cheaply written articles or even your own articles from the past that you may have placed on other sites. All new, all unique content. Now to add to that, the content that is on the sites that link back to your site ALSO has to be unique and useful content which means no more piggy backing on other people work.

So how does an Internet marketer that is either brand new to the business or has been doing this for a long time, affectively market on the Internet with search engine optimization?

It is quite simple actually....learn how to provide useful and helpful information to the commercial library customers which we call Internet Users. The days of who can be the flashiest, have the most words on a page, run a program that grabs a billions links from the web or trying to trick the search engines into seeing something that is not there...are long gone. To succeed, it is simple. Learn to provide truthful, helpful and unique information about what ever product, services or concept you are looking to market. No more, no less.

Well that is until the next evolution of the search engines comes into play.

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