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Link Building or Relationship Building?

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Post Link Building or Relationship Building?   Wed Aug 31, 2011 8:26 pm

Link Building or Relationship Building?

What does link building mean to you? If you have been practiced in the standard art of Search Engine Optimisation as it is practiced by the masses, then my suspicion is that to you, link building is a combination of article submissions, directory submissions, press release marketing, guest blogging and, well, anything and everything that can help you get that short-term gain or "that link".

Well here are the facts of the matter: link building isn't short term. I'm not about to come out for or against the traditional link building methods highlighted above, in fact I use all of them on a very regular basis myself, but I am about to write about to compare and contrast these options against a more novel concept: relationship building.

If we look at the standard forms of building links (above) they can all typically be grouped under one sub-heading: "low quality". There's nothing wrong per say with these strategies, and in a lot of instances they will secure reasonable rankings for your website, however the question remains: how far are you really going to get relying purely on traditional link building?

The main issue with the traditional approach is that, in a lot of instances, you're relying on duplication - article marketing or press release marketing, for example; you're relying on duplicating content on a large scale and securing a good ranking from a reasonably authoritative website which re-publishes your article. The main problem however is that authoritative website owners are awakened to the problems of duplicate content.

So, relationship building, also known as the long-term approach. Now, I'm not about to say go and join Twitter, Facebook and just start being "social" - there's far more to it than that. Irrespective of which medium you choose, you have to start getting into the mindset that it's not just links which matter, its relationships. Link Building (the traditional form) is great (and when applied correctly it also works).

However, to take your website that extra level further, you have to rely on relationship building - networking via online communities, working the crowd and making sure you always have exemplary results to back up your claims. There are hundreds of great websites for this purpose, but to succeed with this strategy you have to begin looking for more than just a link or a boost of your visibility in search - you need to start looking for relationships (or one step further, partnerships).

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