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The Color Red, or how we are blind to the knowledge of the truth of god

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Post The Color Red, or how we are blind to the knowledge of the truth of god   Wed Sep 08, 2010 5:27 pm

A blind man said there is no red
and mocked its vibrancy and hue
How can there be something like that?
Which has no taste or touch or sound
This thing of which you speak to me
Which you alone do claim to see
I smell the fragrance of the rose
Its thorns as well press on my flesh
But none can demonstrate this red
I spoke my mind and gave retort
No blindness can belie the truth
It’s there for all who see the proof
and are familiar with its fame
Then suddenly with careful thought
He spoke in quiet piercing tones
Then how is this that you have learned
That God is not high on his throne
And guides with grace the lives of men
Nor do you listen to the learned
The holy men which hear from Him
Who speak the wisdom of his words
So how can you who see this red
Deny the one who drew it up
And gave you sight to see the rose
Each petal like a brushstroke there
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