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Factors and Determinants of a Search Engine Optimization Specialist

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Post Factors and Determinants of a Search Engine Optimization Specialist   Thu Sep 01, 2011 5:54 pm

Factors and Determinants of a Search Engine Optimization Specialist

The work of a search engine optimization specialist is to drive more and more traffic towards a particular website using different methods and techniques like keyword targeting, page design, link placement, and web content writing that is emphasized with search engine optimization. A search engine optimization specialist is usually employed by a firm offer search engine optimization services to other companies or by any web - based company that deals with online marketing on a much larger basis. A search engine optimization specialist can also be self employed or be working with any other traditional brick - and - mortar organization to cater to their online marketing needs.

According to the Pay Scale online website, as of March 2011, a SEO specialist enjoys a salary ranging between $29,551 per annul to $65,016 per annul. The reason why the range between the upper and lower amount is so high is because the salary that a SEO specialist will get will depend a lot on the years of experience he or she has. An entry - level SEO specialist will naturally earn lesser than a specialist. However the annual total pay of a SEO specialist can go much higher because of other bonuses, commissions, and financial compensations they get throughout the year. The salary of search engine optimization specialist also depends a great deal on the location where he or she is employed. The highest salary that a SEO specialist can get is in San Diego, California while the least salary a SEO specialist can get is in Austin, Texas.

There are a lot of other factors that also affect the salary received by a SEO specialist. The reputation that an optimization consultant enjoys in the market is a great determinant of the salary he or she will receive. The demand for an optimization consultant is quite high and companies are always in search of the most competent and experienced search engine optimization specialist. If an optimization consultant has a long history of producing great results and driving high sales for companies then he or she can naturally demand a higher salary from other companies that will be eager to hire him. Finally another great factor that affects the salary of an optimization consultant is the current demand and supply in the market.

Though the demand for an optimization consultant is always high the number of people joining the profession and becoming an expert is also quite high. When the market for these specialists gets too congested then each expert will be fighting for the same job. And when such circumstances arise the expert willingly submits to lower salaries just in order to take up a project. On the other hand companies gain more advantage by being able to get the services of an expert at a much lower cost than normal.

If you search the web you will be amazed by the number of experts that are offering their services on their own. Along with that you will also find hundreds of companies that are offering the same services who employ an expert in larger number and form teams that collectively work on different projects. Most companies prefer purchasing these services from firms rather than from an individual expert because they believe that they get more specialized attention and team work for their promotion which is naturally going to be more effective than an individual's work.
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